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Prime Advantages of Installing Aluminium Windows

Posted 10:59 am, January 3, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Aluminium Windows

Advantages of Installing Aluminium Windows

Aluminium has a fantastic wealth of benefits as a material for constructing windows. It provides the best combination of performance and aesthetics. If you are shopping for windows for your new home or office, getting Aluminium windows installed might work best for you. Let us understand the varied advantages of windows made from this material.

Sturdy and Durable

Aluminium does not rust! This anti-corrosive property gives it a very high durability quotient. Whether you live along the coast of Mumbai or Goa, or in the mountains up north, the weather-proof nature of Aluminium stands strong. Additionally, if you live in a particularly windy location, say a high-rise building, aluminium by the virtue of its structural stability, can easily withstand altitudinal forces. Aluminium windows are great for both interior as well as exterior façades and have an incredible lifespan.

Thermally Efficient

Aluminium windows contribute to exceptional thermal as well as acoustic insulation. A quality aluminium frame can accomplish improvements in heat gained or lost through windows by up to 60%. These frames allow for the glass panes to be installed in an air-tight manner. This prevents warm interior air from escaping during winter and allows the cool conditioned air to stay inside a room during summer. Thermal comfort provided by aluminium windows also ensures that your heating and cooling devices are not under constant stress due to external temperature fluctuations, aiding their longevity.

Easy to Maintain

Aluminium windows are ridiculously easy to maintain. All they need is a biweekly or monthly wipe down with a clean, damp cloth. You can also clean them thoroughly with water and detergent twice a year. Take soapy water, dip your sponge in it and scrub your windows clean. Rinse them with clean water afterwards to ensure that residual soap in removed. Wipe the wet window with a dry cloth and you are set for at least the next 6 months.

Design Variety

Aluminium frames provide design flexibility second to none. They can be tailored to the most challenging design specifications. Since the metal is easily mouldable into any type of window shape, size or pattern, it is sure to suit all your design needs. Aluminium windows can be manufactured in the following types and more.

  • Glass to glass windows
  • Fixed windows
  • Side hung windows
  • French windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Top hung windows
  • Tilt and turn windows

The unmatched design diversity is further complemented by the wide variety of frame colours achieved through powder coating. These colours can be perfectly customised to match the décor of your home or office.

Less Frame More Glass

This is one of the most unsung benefits of aluminium windows. We all want oodles of natural light beaming up our homes. This means installing windows that have a thin framework along the glass edges. Aluminium windows can be thinned to a very large degree giving the glass pane more surface area to bring indoors, all that glorious natural light without compromising on structural strength and durability.


Aluminium is 100% recyclable and therefore reduces your carbon footprint. Recycling this material requires only 5% of the energy consumed in creating it initially. Installing aluminium windows is sustainable and environment-friendly. If you ever need to replace your aluminium frames for new designs, the old ones can simply be recycled to create new objects. This way nothing goes to waste.

Safe and Secure

Aluminium windows can sustain flame damage better than others. They are also scratch-proof and swell proof which bodes very well with coastal dwellers. You will be unable to find a crack or a chip in them for years on end. Such a strong and safe material is bound to make you feel more comfortable and safe in your home, especially if you have children around.

Moisture Resistant

This window type lasts for years without showing any functional wear regardless of overexposure to moisture and humidity. Aluminium windows are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. They do not swell up or corrode when they routinely come in contact with water, humidity or dew. Additionally, if you live in a coastal area or your city receives a tonne of rainfall, these windows are the perfect solution for you. Aluminium windows offer tightly fitted frames disallowing even the tiniest amount of water to seep inside, thus keeping your interiors dry. They are leak-proof, scratch-proof and moisture resistant.

The Bottom Line

Seal the deal with aluminium windows to avail of all the aforementioned benefits. Ensure that you take quality professional help while getting these windows installed. Turn to AIS Glass for stunning aluminium window designs. Be it aluminium French windows for your study or fixed windows for your bedroom, we can serve all your spatial needs. AIS has been a leading expert in glass solutions for over three decades now. Trust us with all your glass-related woes. Walk into any of our stores, or log on to our website to know more.

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