17 Nov

3 Hacks to Get a Perfect Doors and Windows for Your Home

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Perfect Doors & Windows for Home

A well-designed home is one that is not just beautiful on the inside but also welcoming from the outside. But visual appeal is the topping to which functionality is the base – a home should be visually appealing without compromising on necessary functionality. And what better way to build the perfect home than by installing the perfect doors and windows? When redecorating your home, you always try to look at the bigger picture and pay attention to major details such as the furniture, paint colour and other décor items. But in doing so, you tend to often overlook certain essential details such as the selection of the doors and windows and hence put their selection on the back-burner, resulting in a hasty selection process.

Doors and windows play an integral role in decorating our interiors and exteriors as well as providing us with a bunch of functional benefits to increase the efficiency of our homes. As they set the premise for your interiors, choosing the ideal window and door solutions can make or break the vibe of your home. That’s why you must always choose your doors and windows with the utmost care and attention.

While several people may realise the importance of installing the perfect doors and windows, not many may know how to go about it. That’s why we’ve curated a simple guide offering three easy hacks to help you find the perfect doors and windows to glam up your homes.

Always Stick to the Classics

With the constant evolution in the fenestration industry, we’re not limited to one or two options anymore. You can find a wide variety of doors and windows that fit the exact requirements of your home. However, browsing through multiple catalogues can sometimes leave you with more options than you need. You may even seek opinions from other people but with every person offering a different opinion, you may end up getting more confused than before. So, when in doubt always stick to the classic choices. Opt for matching doors and windows options that bring your home together and gives the illusion of a well-planned home.

AIS Windows integrates modern-day glass solutions with timeless door and window profiles that exactly match the vibe of your homes. Opt for our classic French doors and windows to enrich your homes through enhanced aesthetics. Inspired from Colonial architectural designs and fused with modern-day glass, the evergreen AIS French doors and windows help you strike the perfect balance between modernism and traditionalism to exude elegance. Being hinged at the sides, the French doors and windows can be opened inwards or outwards depending on your requirements to offer ease of use and unobstructed views of the outdoors. Our eternal sliding doors and windows are just as charming and also serve as a great solution for creating vibrant spaces that offer optimum ventilation and are ideal for opening up small rooms and enhancing their aesthetic beauty.

Choose the Frames Wisely

While the choice of glass and window design serve as the base, the surrounding frames are the toppings which can make or break the look of your windows. They add the extra oomph factor that your door and window profiles need for enhancing the beauty of your homes. Moreover, today’s frames are specially designed to offer functional benefits that take care of all your needs for privacy, security, energy-efficiency, and acoustic insulation. With AIS Windows, you can choose from among uPVC, aluminium and wooden frames – the three best-selling door and window frames in the market.

Derived from PVC, uPVC is 100% recyclable, non-toxic and a sustainable choice that ensures no carbon footprint is left behind. Their sturdy yet flexible design makes it possible to create doors and windows that are sleek yet durable. Aluminium frames are designed with the purpose of making your homes comfortable, efficient and safe. They address all your operational aesthetic needs through their malleable, thermal insulation and low-maintenance properties. For those who wish to build a rustic mansion that screams grandeur and elegance, timeless wooden frames is the way to go. AIS Windows offers top-quality wooden frames built using Accoya wood that possesses water, UV, impact and termite-resistant properties to help you create a space that offers the perfect blend of aesthetics and efficiency.

Keep Your Personal Requirements in Mind

While selecting doors and windows for your homes, you may choose the most stylish profiles only to realise that none of them meet your personal requirements. Aesthetics are important for creating a sophisticated home but all your efforts will go in vain if they do not contribute to any of your functional needs. People looking to amp their home’s security measures, for instance, may opt for doors and windows with multi-point locking systems and toughened glass to ensure their family’s safety. A house located right on the main street may be subjected to incessant noise from its exteriors, thereby having adverse effects on the health of those residing within its doors. For such homes, the ideal doors and windows would be such that offer acoustic insulation or have noise-cancellation properties. AIS Windows offers customised solutions which cater to your acoustic, comfort, privacy and security needs.

So there you have it- the top three easy hacks to get the perfect doors and windows for your home. Get in touch with AIS windows today and meet all your custom door and window needs to build the picture-perfect home of your dreams!

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