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Triple Glazed Windows- Myths Vs Facts

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Triple Glazed Windows Myths vs Facts

Whether you’re looking to replace your old windows or browsing through catalogues to install the best windows in your new home, you need to find the right type of window depending on various factors such as direction, sunlight, surroundings of your home and more. The window industry moved up the ladder with AIS Windows, with their creative innovations and trendy window patterns which are highly efficient and aesthetically appealing at the same time. One such window style that has become a hit are triple-glazed windows.

Triple-glazed windows have become a standard solution amongst several interior designers who are incorporating them in their housing, office design and commercial space projects. The reason for their widespread fame is the endless benefits that they offer to the users. However, their popularity has ushered in certain incorrect information being passed around about their features and unique characteristics.

There are several myths about triple-glazed windows that have been floating in the market which are highly inaccurate and hampering the sales. Hence, we decided to debunk these so-called facts and put forth the real facts about this for everyone to know. However, before we go disclose the myths and facts of triple-glazed windows, we need to understand their meaning and purpose.

What are Triple-Glazed Windows?

As the name suggests, triple-glazed windows consist of three panes of glass that are sealed within a frame. They were invented as an upgrade to double-glazed windows, which had only two panes of glass attached to one other. These layers of glass have a pocket of air or inert gas sandwiched in the middle section of each pane. Argon gas is popularly used for this purpose. The market offers a variety of triple-glazed window options for you to choose from.

Some triple-glazed windows have a thin film positioned between the panes to improve insulation. This is called a low-emissive or low-E film. Other ones have a glass in the midsection and an inner U-channel that covers the entire area of the external and internal lutes. Another type of triple-glazed window includes an attached suspended film which is heated and tightened to prevent shrinkage and provide seamless clarity.

Advantages of Triple-Glazed Windows

Now that we know how a triple-glazed window works, let’s go through some of the many benefits that they pose.

Creating Thermal Insulation

Heat can find its way into your homes in summers and even escape the house on chilly winter evenings. Triple-glazed windows combat this issue by regulating the indoor temperature. Argon gas is an effective insulator and helps to keep the warm heat trapped inside during winters and the extreme heat out in summers. It also helps you save on energy bills as it reduced the need for air conditioners and heaters.

 Eliminating the Risk of Condensation

When there is a drastic difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures, traditional windows can get condensed. Triple-glazed windows, on the other hand, stay dry and clear without fogging up, thanks to the air pockets which prevents heat from seeping in. 

Noise Insulation

People living on a noisy street may benefit from triple-glazed windows as they reduce external noise in the house with the help of their air pockets and multiple layers.

Debunking the Myths

Now that you’ve learned about the good qualities of triple-glazed windows, it’s time for you to unlearn the myths as we lay down the real facts about this revolutionary window style.

Burglars can Easily Break Into Triple-Glazed Windows

This myth surfaced due to the conventional design of double-glazed windows. They had external beading to hold the glass in place which could be easily removed to enter the home. However, the new generation of double and triple-glazed windows are equipped with internal beading and a top-quality locking mechanism to prevent thieves from breaking in and keeping your family safe.

Triple-Glazed Windows Have Zero Visual Appeal

Some homeowners believed that the multiple layers and additional film of the glass can make the windows look thick and ruin the look of their homes. This is highly untrue as it is not the windows but their frames which are responsible for making your windows look bulky or sleek. Owing to technological advancements, you can now get uPVC windows to replicate wooden and timber windows for a seamless finish.

Triple-Glazed Window Replacement Can Damage the House

There is a common misconception that installing triple-glazed windows affects the foundation of the house walls. In reality, however, maintaining the structural integrity of the house depends on the window trims and not the type of windows. The right trim can prevent damage as it separates the window frame from the brickwork and keeps your house intact.

Creaking, Cracking and Warming Are a Common Occurrence

This myth about triple-glazed windows is grossly misinformed. Modern triple-glazed windows are reinforced with galvanized steel to retain their shape and structure even in areas with harsh weather conditions- be it a desert or a storm-prone city. Thus, creaking, cracking and warming are not a common occurrence.

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