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How to Install uPVC Windows?

Posted 5:17 am, November 20, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows

As an important structure of every space, windows are responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of your spaces, adding to the beauty of your interiors as well as exteriors and setting the tone and vibe of your space despite people never having set foot into your home or office. And while trendy patterns can set the premise for a fun space with sophisticated interiors, old and cracked windows can set the tone for a dull space. That’s why it is important to choose your windows carefully. And what better choice for your windows than the timeless uPVC windows for enhancing the look and feel of your space?

Made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), uPVC or Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is recyclable, sustainable and non-toxic material that ensures you don’t leave behind any carbon footprint. It possesses supreme durability, flexibility and robustness for building seamless window frames. It also possesses remarkable insulation and rigidity for a strong foundation, making it the preferred choice amongst architects and designers looking to utilise eco-friendly materials in their projects without compromising on quality. As a result, uPVC windows have become a sensational hit in the fenestration industry.

Importance of Properly Installed uPVC Windows

After deciding to purchase uPVC windows, the next phase is installation. Although an important step, several people may overlook this detail. Poorly installed windows, however, can ruin the look of your homes and offices and you may not be able to reap the many benefits that uPVC windows have to offer. For instance, uPVC windows are equipped with excellent thermal insulative properties to increase the energy-efficiency of your homes. They regulate indoor temperature by trapping the warmth inside and preventing it from escaping during winters. They also block the excess heat from passing through the windows during summers and ensure that your interiors remain cool.

Moreover, they filter out the harmful UV rays of the sun and only allow the pure rays to pass through, resulting in not only vibrant spaces with its natural luminosity but studies also point out that they boost productivity and enhance creativity. uPVC windows are equipped with multi-point locking systems to enhance security measures and create a safe space for your loved ones as well as your employees at work. They also possess anti-crowbar features and galvanized steel reinforcements, making it impossible to break into your homes and offices. However, poorly installed uPVC windows can lose their strength, putting the safety of your family and employees at risk. Therefore, you must always install uPVC windows the right way. And the best way to do so is to seek professional help.

Installation of uPVC Windows

Before installing uPVC windows, a professional will always gather all the important tools in one place for quick installation. Once the important tools are in place, he will get started with the installation process.


The first step in installing uPVC windows is to check the size and style of your existing windows. For this step, the technician will remove any ornaments or furnishings surrounding the windows for a hassle-free installation. The expert measures your new and old windows to check whether the old windows’ size correlates with the one you just ordered. Then, he makes sure that the opening of the old windows is slightly wider and higher than the new windows for proper installation.


Installing new uPVC windows requires a removal of the existing windows. The process starts by covering the surroundings with durable dustsheets. Using a screwdriver, the expert will remove all opening sashes. Then, starting from the top-left corner, he will start cracking and removing any extra glass. As a well-trained professional, he will remove the glass from inside of the room to ensure proper disposal. Finally, he will cut through the plaster seal with a crosscut saw to get rid of remaining frame members.


When fitting the new windows, professionals start by placing the window sill onto the brickwork. They make sure it fits tightly against the window jambs and that that they are correctly bolted into the brickwork. Next, the professional hoists your uPVC windows up and pushes it into the opening while making sure it is in the correct position. Then, he will shut and lock any opening sashes within the outer frame to ensure proper fittings. Lastly, he may examine the screw heads for improperly fitted screws (if they do not stand correctly) as they may be indicative of wrong glass positioning.


Lastly, your frames require proper sealing and caulking around the frames to ensure no noise, dust, mosquitos or other harmful materials enter your space. Professionals use a water-based foam sealant or butyl rubber to perfectly complete the installation job.

And there you have it – an insight into how you can have your uPVC windows installed with the help of a trained expert. While some of you may be tempted to install your uPVC windows by yourself, a DIY solution often results in improper installation and does not give you the desired results, besides structural damage. So, get in touch with AIS Windows – the one-stop-shop for all your window needs. Right from the initial selection process up until the final installation, we offer expert guidance to help you install the perfect uPVC windows that your space needs!

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