Window Design Tips For Indian Homes

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In cinematic history, windows have been important plot points representing climaxes and finales.  From the infamous window in ‘Game of Thrones’ through which Cersei Lannister watched events unfold in the King’s Landing to the wide window in ‘Padosan’ witnessing singing duels between Mehmood and Kishore Kumar, and the window that unites Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in ‘Pretty Woman,’ scenes with windows have left a lasting impression on us, Indian viewers.

The windows in our homes have a similar impact. Although their primary function is to provide accessibility, natural light, and ventilation, their make, design, style, and colour can influence the cumulative visual appeal and comfort of our homes.

India is known for dealing with intense heat waves, extreme weather conditions, and ample sunlight for the most part of the year. Thus, Indian window designs accommodate materials that are best-suited to counter the effects of such weather conditions along with a natural affinity for tasteful and appealing aesthetics.

Some Fenestration Style Approaches for Your Cosy Haven 

Reviving Classicism

For homes with traditional window setups, you can opt for wooden window frames. Wooden window frames can offer eye-catching interiors and exteriors with a touch of luxury along with fine functionality. Wooden frames can be coupled with stained glass, ornamental bar grills, or wooden shutters to accentuate the appeal of your home.

Keeping Abreast with the Times

Wide and plentiful windows with frames of aluminium can be used to invite more light indoors. Aluminium frame windows are the most slender out there. Meaning, one unique benefit that they offer is that they can be made exceptionally lean so that the ratio of glass is much more to that of the frame. Aluminium frame windows are where your journey towards revelling in glorious vistas begins!

Marrying Classicism and Modernism

An elegant blend of traditional and modern Indian window design would be to use a combination of different window styles for a personalized aesthetic and functional approach. You can mix-and-match picture windows with some smaller casement windows, awning or double-hung windows, or sliding windows depending upon your taste.

The Most Sought-After Indian Window Designs

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows have been popular in India and are used to keep the archetypical Colonial, Victorian, or Cape Cod look alive in your homes. These windows have two sashes – upper and lower – each moving up and down. Double-hung is one of the most preferred Indian window designs due to its excellent ventilation capabilities and the ability to control airflow, which is a must for the Indian climate. 

Arched Windows

Usually used as transoms, arched windows are installed above the standard window and door across the home to add aesthetics and extra natural light. Transom windows feature both clear and stained glass panes, and hence, are often used to decorate the entryway. People opt for transom windows with tempered glass for extra safety in Indian homes.

Awning Windows

Another favoured Indian window design is awning windows. Awning windows are popular in areas that experience heavy rain like desolated hills and valleys in Meghalaya and Karnataka. Awnings divert rainwater away from your home, shielding the exterior trim around the window. These windows open outward or upward away from the home and often sit high on the wall to aid proper air circulation.

Hopper Windows

Hinged at the top, hopper windows are mostly preferred in small spaces like bathrooms, basements, and kitchens in Indian homes. As much as these spaces require optimal light and ventilation, they also need adequate privacy, and hoppers offer the best of both worlds. Also, hopper windows are easy-to-clean and pretty low-maintenance.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular choice in both modern and traditional Indian homes. You can choose casement windows for their casual style, sleek look, and functional design. Whether your home has a conventional architectural look or modern minimalist design, casement windows can fit well with both styles. These windows mainly maximise natural light and control airflow.

Bay Windows

Indian homes in countryside picturesque locations have stunning views to offer. Bay windows can be the perfect elements for such homes. With cosy seating arrangement next to the bay windows, ample light, and a panoramic view, all one needs is a cup of espresso in one hand and a best-selling novel in another! Bay windows can not only add extra space and dimension to your home but also extend beyond the wall to bring in natural light from multiple directions.

French Windows

French windows have gained immense popularity in premium and luxurious Indian homes with both traditional and modern outlook.  French windows allow plenty of fresh air and natural light to enter your home while connecting the home’s interiors with the outdoors seamlessly.

Skylight Windows

Skylight windows are ideal in bringing in more natural light in city homes surrounded by high-rises, malls, or homes with limited openings on walls. Due to this, they are gaining traction across the country as a valuable Indian window design.

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