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Do uPVC Doors and Windows Really Save Energy?

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Energy-efficiency or energy conservation has almost become a buzzword today. However, it is more than that – it is the need-of-the-hour. Since buildings are responsible for most of the energy usage and carbon footprint, architecture and interior design are hotspots for curbing this growing problem. The focus sits on having such innovative fenestration solutions installed that make the space more energy-friendly.

One such often proposed solution is that of uPVC doors and windows. However, where one side of people is in favour of these structures for energy savings, a sceptic group also exists that raises questions on their effectiveness. In this guide, we will explore whether or not uPVC doors and windows are really energy-efficient.

Pre-requisites for Energy-Efficiency

A lot of people are still unaware of the fact that doors and windows or fenestrations in short are the major outlets for energy exchange in a building, nearly 70%! So, if there is one spot where you ought to focus on to make your space more energy-efficient, it needs to be doors and windows.

Now, for doors and windows, both the framing material and the glass play a major role in deciding the energy-efficiency of your space. Compromise on either of the two, and you deprive your space of its true potential for thermal comfort. So, based on these two areas, let us find out whether or not uPVC doors and windows stand a chance.

Exploring the Energy-Efficiency Properties of the Framing Material

Since the talk is about uPVC, let us explore it as a material. Being a low or poor conductor of heat, uPVC as a material offers high levels of heat insulation. As a result, uPVC doors and windows trap heat indoors during the winters and keep unwanted heat away or out during the summers. This automatically translates into the fact that uPVC doors and windows can help curb energy consumption, thereby lowering energy bills significantly.

Moreover, another important property that makes uPVC doors and windows energy-efficient is the airtight sealing between the frame and the glass. When no air pockets are allowed to be present all around the door or window, especially the corners, it is only then can heat exchange be greatly minimised. Now, this efficiency of your uPVC doors and windows will depend entirely upon the fenestration expert that you choose for the installation of your doors and windows.

If the professionals you choose lack professional training or the specialised tools needed such as highly durable and robust silicone sealants, then consider it given that the task will not be up to the mark and hence, your uPVC doors and windows will not perform their function of energy-efficiency the best. So, it

is always in your best interest to choose highly qualified professionals for the task of uPVC door and window installation.

Exploring the Energy-Efficiency Properties of Glass

Glass as a building material has always been seen as one that cannot offer proper energy-efficiency properties. However, with modern advancements in technology, this is hardly the case. With the right type of glass or glazing solution, you can easily make your uPVC doors and windows the ultimate energy-efficient solution.

For such purposes, have low-E or heat-reflective glass installed. These are normally double or triple-glazed units that prevent much of the heat exchange either by reflecting heat outdoors during summers or trapping heat indoors during winters. As a result, your reliance on heating and cooling systems reduces significantly. Having energy-efficient glass installed is your best bet in making your home or office energy-efficient. However, even for that, be sure to choose reliable experts who offer robust glass solutions that can stand the test of time and seasons.

On a final analysis, the clear-cut answer to the question, “Are uPVC doors and windows energy-efficient or do they really save energy?” is a resounding yes! However, this is in assumption of the fact that the above-mentioned pre-requisites have been thoroughly considered in terms of the choice of glass and fenestration company. uPVC doors and windows can become the ultimate energy-efficient solutions you’re looking for!

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