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When to Choose Sliding Windows

Posted 6:58 am, December 9, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Sliding Windows
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Racking your brains over the right window style for your home or office? Windows are a crucial interior and exterior focal point for any space. They assist in ventilation, open your spaces to the outside world, and act as a barrier against cold, heat, and unwanted insects.
But unfortunately, their value is realised too late, and usually when most of the design work is already done. Therefore, new-age homeowners and interior designers must finalise their fenestrations choice well in advance. But choosing and finalising is a task in itself, given the sheer number of window categories available.
So to make your job easier, let’s talk about the most popular modern-day window choice, aka, sliding windows. If windows were actors, sliding windows would be Johnny Depp. Why? Because they’re simple, they’re versatile, and most of all, blend effortlessly with any interior design theme.

How Do Sliding Windows Work?
Sliding windows consist of window panes that slide to and fro along a horizontal track while opening or closing. Though it sounds complicated, they’re one of the most straightforward windows to operate. All you need to is a gentle push to the right or the left to open the window or shut it.
Now that you know how sliding windows operate, you might be wondering if they’re the right choice for your home. To help you get to the answer, here are some situations when sliding windows are the best choice.

You Want More Space
Sliding windows owe much of their popularity to their space-saving ergonomics. These windows swing neither inward nor outward, so you can use the space you save to furnish and decorate the space. If you’re running low on space or want a spacious feel to your room, sliding windows will work just perfect.

You Want Unobstructed, Scenic Views
Indubitably, the best thing about sliding windows is their vast expanse which provides an unobstructed sight of the surroundings. These windows usually don’t require grilles, thus ensuring an unimpeded and panoramic view of outdoors. Be it your backyard, your garden, the seascape, or the cityscape; these windows help you enjoy any setting to the fullest. So if you’re thinking about installing new sliding windows, make sure to install them in the room which has the best view, so that you could have a piece of the outdoors inside your abode.
Along with the breathtaking views, these windows also let in a lot of sunlight and natural air, allowing you to get your daily dose of fresh air and Vitamin D.

You Desire Low Maintenance
Sliding windows are easy to maintain. This is due to the presence of fewer moving parts. With no hinges, pulleys, springs or other complicated parts to take care of, the maintenance of sliding windows boils down lubricating the track regularly and removing any dust or debris that might have gotten stuck in the slider.
Also, an occasional wipe with a dust cloth will ensure that no pollutants get stuck to the glass. Lastly, make sure that your windows have high-quality glass, and are correctly installed, to avoid extra maintenance.

You Want a Sleek Look
Sliding windows also contribute a lot to the aesthetics along with the ergonomics. They naturally look elegant and neat given how they fit snugly into any wall, without interfering much with the room. Plus, there are a plethora of sliding glass door designs in the market to choose from.
Moreover, you could also customise the frame for the glass panes to harmonise the windows with the rest of your interiors.
Last but not least, if you wish to have a completely unimpeded view, you could build an alcove where the glass panes will rest when wholly opened. The possibilities are truly endless!

You Want Energy Efficiency
Courtesy of their large enough expanse, sliding windows usher in ample natural light. This rush of ambient light goes a long way in improving a room’s overall lighting, along with regulating its temperature. Also, this reliance on natural light unwittingly reduces your dependency on artificial lights, especially during day time.
Moreover, sliding windows are a great candidate for heat-reflective glasses and Low-E glasses. Heat-reflective glasses reflect any oncoming heat from the sun, thereby keeping your home cool during the summers.
On the other hand, Low-E glasses have heat-trapping properties, which keeps the chill at bay during winters. All in all, both the glasses reduce your reliance on heaters and air-conditioners by maintaining perfect interior temperatures all-year-round. Lastly, sliding windows also seal tightly when closed, thereby not letting any air seep in or out.

Now that you have realised the benefits of sliding windows, you may want for one for your home or office. AIS Windows is here to assist you. We provide top-of-the-line sliding windows with the substrate of your choice. Be it aluminum, uPVC, or wood – we have it all!
Contact us today and enjoy our 360-degree window solutions right from selection procedure up until post-sales support.

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