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Things You Need to Check While Installing Sliding Windows

Posted 6:55 am, December 8, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Sliding Windows
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So you have decided to install sliding windows in your home! Sliding glass panels are some of the most stylish yet subtle ways to amp up your indoor settings. Do you have a sea-facing house with stunning views, but regular double-paned windows seem to be getting in the way? Installing sliding windows is the best alternative to incorporate picturesque views into your home without compromising on the safety factor.

Sliding windows are efficient, space-saving, and minimalistic in design. Be it your residential or commercial space; you can set it apart by installing sliding panels. Moreover, glass creates the illusion of more space, making your home or office look bigger and spacious. They are ideal for large rooms and frame natural beauty, creating the ultimate aesthetic.

Although sliding windows have gained popularity from an interior design viewpoint, a lot goes into getting the installation right. If you buy glass windows from a reputable company, the chances are that they will provide top-tier installation services. But what exactly are the dos and don’ts of the same? Here we take a look at things you should check while getting sliding windows installed.

Measure the Window Configurations

Before beginning the installation, make sure you check the length, breadth, and height of the cavity you are installing the sliding window into. Ideally, the opening should incorporate a few extra millimeters to create space for the window pane, bolts, frame, or other things depending on the chosen style.

Also, keep in mind that the window will have one fixed pane while the other will move. Therefore, it is even more essential to have an accurate knowledge of the window and cavity configurations to get maximum mobility and do not face problems after the installation.

Aesthetics and Space Coverage

Interior designers recommend installing sliding glass windows in bigger rooms, as you can dedicate greater space to the window and bring in more sunlight and airflow. However, these can have a desirable effect even in smaller areas and make cramped rooms look bigger and welcoming. Depending on your aesthetic choice and décor, you can choose uPVC, aluminum, or wooden-framed windows.

Moreover, sliding windows are installed horizontally and use up only half the space that is required for installation. If you go for the classic dual pane window, only one of its panes will be moveable. You should keep this in mind and install the windows in a place that maximises functionality.

Structural Integrity and Glass Safety

Sliding glass windows can come in different frames. Whether you get a wooden, uPVC, or aluminum frame, make sure the window sash and rollers are conducive to movement and allow for swift back-and-forth motion. Further, you should ensure that when replacing an old window with a sliding one, the installers do not damage the frame as it could affect the structural stability.

If you value your privacy yet want to enjoy picturesque views, consider getting frosted glass windows to get the best of both worlds. You can also choose tempered glass to get maximum safety as it is break-proof and is the preferred choice of those who live in theft-prone areas.

Energy Efficiency of the Glass

Glass has implicit and explicit energy-saving properties that make it a material to be reckoned with in the world of architecture and interior design. Glass windows bring in more excellent natural light, air and create the illusion of space. These factors are proven mood boosters and promote a happier being, which consequently enhances productivity as well. Besides, glass with good insulation properties and a low-E rating reduces the usage of electricity.

You can reduce the usage of air-conditioners and heaters with energy efficient glass and enable green architecture. Not only does this allow you to save money, but it also helps make a green impact on the world.

Getting the Installation Right

Often when in a hurry, we tend to slam the doors and windows shut. If the sliding window has not been installed correctly, it may become loose in structure over time. Combined with rough weather, this can lead to glass breakage, rattling sounds, and difficulty in the sliding motion. You can easily avoid this by getting the piece installed by professionals from a trusted company.

Ensure that the moveable pane fits perfectly on the rails, the sash is well-lubricated, and the wheels are sturdy. It can be challenging for a homeowner to keep a check on the technicalities, which is why we at AIS Windows are here to help. We provide top-class fenestration solutions, and you can get sliding windows installed by professionals.

At AIS Windows, you can get multiple glass window solutions, including energy efficient, protective, and anti-pollution glass. Get your sliding window installed by our professionals! Visit our website to learn more.

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