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Open Your Space with uPVC Sliding Doors and Windows

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Ek Bangla Bane Nyara
Rahe Kunba (Family) Jis Mein Sara

Does this old Bollywood tune sound familiar? Featured in the popular film President, it beautifully conveys the traditional hopes, desires, and values, quintessential of Indian homes – the idea of a joint family residing under one roof!

But unfortunately, today, while the sentiment remains the same, the urban life may not always allow the idea to manifest. Since land resources are typically scarce in the city, primarily commercial real estate, a lack of space is inescapable.

Is there an easy way out? Let’s find out.

City Life and Space Dilemma

More than half of the world population today lives in urban centres; naturally, few real estate options provide satisfactory square footage for residential and commercial purposes.

The rise of new employment trends like remote working, co-sharing offices, home offices, etc., has also made the desired proportions hard to come by. Given the acute space issues we face in the metropolitans nowadays, the need for space-efficient solutions has become more pronounced than ever. The city’s space dilemma demands a different approach.

To that end, with a uPVC sliding window and door, you can meet two needs with a single deed. How? Firstly, because they have a sliding operation mechanism, in which the panels on the rollers slide horizontally, so they do not need any external space to open.

Secondly, because uPVC profiles are incredibly durable, all-weather resistant, dustproof, excellent thermal efficiency, and robust security – various benefits rolled into one commodity.

Best Ways to Install

Now, while a uPVC sliding window  and door is an extremely lucrative option to expand your space visibly, it all comes down to how you use them.

Check out some of the best ways to make the most of your uPVC purchase –

Divide Internal Spaces Seamlessly

Privacy complaints are typical in workspaces, which have increased even more in the wake of the COVID-19-induced new normal. But do not let that compromise your open-plan layout.

Instead, why not create a smooth, blended virtual separation with a uPVC sliding window or door, so you can save space and achieve a fuller effect of the ambience. Such internal partitions are not only space-efficient but also provide a creative outlet for makeshift privacy.

Need to keep a corner or room private? Simply slide the doors close. Unlike traditional room division methods, a uPVC sliding window-door allows for better space allocation wherein work desks or kitchen stations can be easily camouflaged. As such, you enjoy multi-functionality without the need to divide the room permanently.

Seamless Entrances

If you want to experiment with trendy looks and save space as well, try out a dark-hued uPVC sliding window-door frame, which harmonises with the overall visual interest of your interiors. Such doors can connect two smaller, separate rooms seamlessly or act as the foyer’s main entrance.

You can set up French doors for their elegant frames and panels. Perhaps a pocket sliding door for the kitchen entrance? There are multiple ways you can use them to suit your preference.

Balcony Doors, but Better

Only city dwellers will know how essential a balcony can be when you want to enjoy a quiet reprieve from all the metropolitan busyness. By outfitting a uPVC siding window, which usually doubles up as a door, you can have your small retreat and still save ample room.

Because they slide into the sidewalls, they also offer seamless, integrated connectivity. And due to this, your balcony space may appear to be more expansive than usual. When used in combination with suitable, high-performance glass, they can also let in ample daylight into your interiors and effectively block out UV rays.

Illuminate the Hallways

Narrow hallways in homes or offices often disrupt easy accessibility. And often, they even appear tacky and cramped. A sliding uPVC window-door will be your best option to overcome the lack of space smarty.

They are excellent ways to accentuate visual appeal yet optimise the typically cramped interior space. You can also match the side walls with intricate frame designs, inspired by the tropes prominent in the Indian architectural history, to achieve a unique, fusion look.

Not to mention, they allow a steady flow of sunlight and air to filter in, so the narrow space can always feel fresh.

Why uPVC Sliding Windows and Door are Your Best Bet

With a uPVC sliding window-door, you can easily cut down unusable interior space and reap a host of benefits, from easy operability to energy-efficient utility. Here are the three most lucrative USPs (Unique Selling Points) which make them so formidable –

Unmatched Insulation

Indian summers are particularly harsh, but if you reside in the Northern part of the country, the winter season is usually no different. You probably experience the same severe weather conditions!

But rest assured, you can easily beat any climatic condition with one simple, effective solution. That is, by investing in uPVC windows and doors, which are excellent heat insulators equipped with robust frames and EPDM gasket shields to protect your interiors from dust and rain as well.

Hence, you can keep out harsh UV rays while enjoying plenty of daylight and trap internal heat from escaping the room to keep warm during the winters. Enjoy optimal comfort and low utility bills with an energy-efficient uPVC sliding window and door all year long.

Robust Security

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that uPVC windows and doors are also remarkably secure. Even though the profiles are ultra-light, they are powerfully built to provide uncompromised safety.

Sturdy uPVC frames, when coupled with strong safety or double-paned glass, can deter any physical intrusions or break-ins to ensure robust security. You can even retrofit your windows and doors with a sensor-based alert to avoid vulnerable situations for additional safety.

To illustrate: many homeowners refrain from using larger windows over security concerns. A uPVC sliding window can be a highly secure alternative to dismiss such concerns since they come fitted with multiple locking systems, which lower the chances of intrusions dramatically.

Superior Durability

Sure, many materials offer good resilience to all-weather conditions. But for over fifty years of service life? Only uPVC can!

For decades on end, a uPVC sliding window or door frame can easily cope with extreme elements and come out without a scratch. Because uPVC profiles are naturally sturdy (since no chemicals are used in their manufacturing!), they can withstand everyday wear-and-tear caused by harsh sun rays or busy office environments. As such, the material has become a formidable choice of fenestration in modern structures today.

This incredibly durable material also does not rot, peel, corrode, or dry out and even shows extreme resistance against termites with minimal to zero maintenance needs. No wonder it can last years and continue to provide optimal functionality.

If you live in harsh climatic zones – say by the sea where the salt content is a notorious cause of corrosion, or up in the hills where winter chills can be extremely uncomfortable to bear, a uPVC sliding window and door will undeniably be a rewarding choice.

Style Flexibility

Space efficiency does not mean you must compromise on décor. You can smartly refurbish even the most compact quarters in your space with equally trendy setups and layouts. Outfit your interiors with a customised uPVC sliding window or door to spruce up the appeal.

They can create a sense of depth with clean, seamless lines to accentuate your architectural choices. So, your quarters appear more expansive than they are, with more open spaces. You can also powder-coat the uPVC profiles in any shade you like, from spicy red to bold black, to suit your décor style.

Choose any shape, size, or styles you like. Mix them with other elements like wood or metal. Panes of frosted or etched glass also work wonders in conjunction with sliding doors and windows. There are numerous ways you can customise the material to achieve the desired end.

Your Turn

No alternative in the market can beat the space efficiency a uPVC sliding window-door provides. But do keep in mind that the material’s functionality will be influenced directly by the profiles’ built and the installation process.

Any lack of quality in the two factors will inevitably result in poor functionality. Thus, when you search for a suitable fenestration option, always consider a reliable company’s services, which provides products with premium-built and expert installation services.

If you have your eyes set on a stylish uPVC fixture for your home or office, we highly recommend you make your next purchase from AIS Windows!

Few manufacturers in the fenestration market come close to the three decades of expertise AIS Windows brings to its products. As end-to-end solution providers, we supply premium uPVC variants with appropriate glazing solutions. Our uPVC sliding window and door are all-weather-proof, termite-resistant, dustproof, and incredibly trendy – a seamless blend of style and utility you deserve.

So, why wait? Walk into a nearby AIS Windows showroom or connect with us today!

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