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Bring the Outdoors in With Sliding Glass Windows

Posted 6:47 am, December 6, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Sliding Windows
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It’s a crime to live in a home with uninspiring windows, especially if you love panoramic views. Nothing delights homeowners more than the feeling of bringing the outdoors inside just by using the right kind of windows. But, which window design is perhaps the most effective for letting you enjoy great outdoor views? Glass sliding windows of course!

Why Are Sliding Windows the Top Choice for Enjoying the Outdoors?

Sliding glass windows are expansive, meaning they are much larger than traditional fenestration structures. They are both broad and tall, which ensures unobstructed views of the outside. Know that your eye takes in its surroundings more from side-to-side than up to down. That way, sliding windows provide a great breadth of vision.

If you wish to soak up the scenery from the comfort of your home, sliding windows are the way to go. Apart from awarding your home with natural vistas of the outside world, sliding glass windows also ensure superior ventilation.

Other Benefits of Glass Sliding Windows

Sure, glass sliders are exceptional when it comes to providing clear outside views, but that’s not where the story ends! These windows offer additional benefits that are discussed below:

Saves Space

If you live in a metropolis, space crunch is a reality, since the majority population lives in high-rises. But, dwelling in an apartment should not mean compromising on exceptional vistas. Sliding glass windows helps with just that! Since they slide open and shut within their frame, they take up no additional space in any room of your home.

Unlike traditional designs that swing open inwards, glass sliders glide on a rail and offer easy operability.

Requires Low Maintenance

Given how caught up people are in their busy schedules these days, it is critical to opt for windows that require little to no maintenance. And, glass sliding windows are it! This structure has fewer moving parts- no hinges, hooks, cords, etc., which makes it low on maintenance.

With expert installation, you can expect sliding windows to last without significant maintenance for years on end. Cleaning these structures once in a while is also easy, as you simply need to pop out the movable panes to dust the bottom rails. As for the glass and frames, you can wipe them clean with a soft damp cloth once every month.

High on Energy efficiency

Believe it or not, sliding windows are indeed more energy-efficient than various other designs. Why? For starters, they come with a lack of moving parts, which allows them to seal tightly against the frame. This action leaves little to no room for the air to leak out, thus enhancing thermal comfort and energy efficiency.

The summer months in India anyway wreak havoc on your cooling devices, and if your windows are leaky, your energy-consumption will skyrocket. Similarly, during the winter season, sloppy windows frames do not let you feel warm and cosy inside your home. You can avoid all of this by installing sliding glass windows.

Offers Improved Durability

With modern advancements in fenestration technologies, sliding glass windows manufactured today are rock solid. These structures can easily withstand harsh weather conditions, moisture and considerable wind loads. So, if you live in a city that experiences thunderstorms or torrential downpours, glass sliders are ideal.

If you live in a high-rise building on one of the higher floors, your windows require significant wind-load bearing capabilities that glass sliding windows provide. What’s more, most glazing and framing materials today don’t chip or break easily.

However, if you are looking for specific functionalities like insulation, noise cancellation, energy-efficiency, go for particular glass types recommended by a glass expert.

Ensures Optimum Security

Often homeowners feel that windows as expansive as glass sliders will compromise the safety and security of their home. But, this is entirely untrue! Glass sliding windows are as safe as any other window type. In fact, these structures accommodate multi-point locking systems. Meaning, these windows can be locked at various points within a frame.

Even if an intruder picks the primary lock, they won’t be able to enter, as the frame would contain additional locking mechanisms. This feature makes glass sliders a popular choice for exterior windows.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know why glass sliding windows are an excellent choice for your home or office find the right expert to install them. Without a thorough professional, even the best window and door designs can fail to provide comfort, performance and aesthetics.

Are you looking for sliding windows but can’t find a fenestration professional? Turn to AIS Windows- India’s leading window and door expert. We offer a host of solutions that are sure to suit your design sensibilities. With decades of experience in the fenestration industry, our technicians assist you through the entire process- from selection to installation to after-sales support.

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