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5 Places Where You Must Have Soundproof Glass

Posted 7:03 am, December 10, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Soundproof Glass
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You know how the saying goes, “He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.”
But peace is quite hard to find over the constant, ever-present din of urban life. Be it screeching horns, a neighbour’s party, or a commotion across the street, noise can criminally affect your peace of mind, and consequently, your quality of life.
However, living amidst cacophony not only affects your comfort but your health too. Studies have found noise pollution to be a major, and sometimes the primary cause of conditions like hypertension, reduced concentration, and sleep disturbance. Moreover, it is also a prime culprit in causing several physiological and mental health issues. Not convinced? Well, here are some statistics to persuade you. According to a Guardian study published in 2018, living in noisy surroundings corresponded to a 25% overall increase in depression cases.
What’s the solution? Soundproof glass. This is the perfect shield to protect you from the attacks of the blaring horns and wailing construction equipment.
Also, soundproof glasses minimise outdoor noise, control acoustics, and doesn’t let any noise escape your house, in case you’re the source. The result – better concentration, improved mood, and a night of sound sleep.
Furthermore, soundproof glass has a unique aesthetic appeal. This makes it a fenestration solution that imparts a modern, modular vibe to a space, be it a home or a commercial property.
In a nutshell, soundproof glasses will help you lead a better and peaceful life. They have all the pros and none of the cons.
But where do you install them? Well, here are 5 places that can certainly use soundproof glass.

Living Rooms
Living rooms are a place to relax and revel in. They’re meant for parties, get-togethers, and game nights. In short, living rooms exist only for a singular purpose, living.
But living can be quite cumbersome when you can’t do anything about the blaring horns and your neighbour’s death metal sessions. What you can do though, is to slap on a sheet of soundproof glass on your living room windows, keeping the unwanted racket at bay.
Moreover, soundproofing your living room will not only block any incoming noise but also prohibit any sound from creeping out, in case you’re having a party or playing loud music. As a result, it’s essentially hitting two birds with one stone.

If there’s one thing you need in your bedroom, it is peace. Absence of it can result in a disturbed sleep with a night of endless tossing and turning. As you can imagine, the next day is bound to be a dreary, frustrating one.
If you’re able to sleep like a log amidst the omnipresent clangour of the modern world, then you are a superhero. However, most of us need some assistance to achieve a deep slumber in this noise-ridden world.
Therefore, installing soundproof glass in your bedroom windows and doors is the best solution for having a peaceful, good night’s sleep.

Office Spaces
Noise-free interiors are as much a priority for offices as they are for homes. Since most commercial properties are located on busy thoroughfares, they usually bear the brunt of rush-hour traffic noises. As a result, productivity gets affected, and efficiency goes down the drain. Hence, cutting all the unwanted noise out of the office space is crucial.
The soundproof glass comes to the rescue again. With the entry off-limits to any sort of pandemonium, you and your employees can have a tranquil and productive work environment, with little to no distractions.

Conference Rooms
The sound of a blaring horn or a commotion throughout a business presentation can significantly diminish the quality of a work meeting. Therefore, considering acoustics is an essential step when designing a conference room. And what better way to go about it than to utilise soundproof glass?
Along with its sound isolation capabilities, soundproof also helps maintain confidentiality by not letting any sensitive information fall on unwanted ears. It’s a win-win for everyone!
Here’s to having an uninterrupted and productive meeting!

Recording Studio
Homes have become makeshift studios for many YouTubers and streamers out there. If you’re one of them, you might appreciate the need for good acoustics in making high-quality videos and audio.
A soundproof glass in such situations can be a godsend, since it enables you to record and rehearse in a disturbance-free environment, and does not let any commotion you make spoil the day of others.

Looking to protect you and your property from noise pollution? At AIS Windows, we have soundproofing solutions exclusively crafted by experts for your home and office spaces. Help us create tranquil and calm surroundings for you with our soundproof glass. Get in touch with us today for a consultation.

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