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What are Sliding Windows?

Posted at 10:14 AM, December 30, 2021 by AIS Windows / Category: Sliding Windows
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Sliding windows are widely sought after by homeowners and builders alike, and this is mainly because these windows lend a very beautiful look to the buildings they are installed in. As the name suggests, sliding windows are basically windows that open by moving sideways on sliders that are built into the frames. They function in the same way as sliding doors do. They can be installed on any wall based on your aesthetic choice, and they are built with either UPVC or aluminium frames. Let’s explore why you should get sliding windows in your home!

What are the benefits of getting sliding windows?

What are Sliding Windows?

Getting sliding windows in your home can offer a host of different benefits. Some of these are as follows:

  1. They are visually appealing

  2. One of the best things about sliding windows is that they look great. These windows can be made with UPVC or aluminium frames, and what makes them stand out is the large panels of glass that are used in such windows. These let in more sunlight into your home and can make the whole space look more open and bright. This is a great way to ensure that your home looks lovely no matter what. Another reason why sliding windows look great is because they can be quite large in size.

  3. There is more ventilation

  4. Ventilation is an important part of home maintenance. When there is proper airflow in the home, the chances of the home smelling musty are much lower. Additionally, if you’re someone who cooks a lot, the large sliding windows can help ensure that the area does not smell like food or cooking oils all the time.

    When the hot summer months roll around, nothing beats opening the windows and improving the airflow of your home. It can help keep the home cool and will make you feel really comfortable even on hot days.

  5. They are easy to use

  6. Another great advantage of getting sliding windows in your home is that they are very easy to use. You don’t have to worry about locks and latches getting stuck in the frames. All you need to do is slide the window panel in the right direction, and it will open or close as desired.

  7. They are energy efficient

  8. If you are someone who wants to lower their impact on the environment, then getting sliding windows and doors is a great idea as they are more energy efficient. The frames of the windows generally have rubber gaskets that prevent the warm air of the home from leaking out and this can help ensure that you need to use heating appliances during the winter as often as you do. On a similar note, you can use chemically treated glass panes to ensure that heat from the sun does not enter the home during the harsh summer months.

  9. They are easy to maintenance

  10. Finally, sliding windows are also easy to maintain. It just takes a wet cloth to clean the frames and the window panes and they will look clean.

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