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Why Aluminium Sliding Windows are Back in Vogue

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As it is rightly said

The windows of the houses – even if the house is ramshackle – are

always beautiful because windows represent light!

– Mehmet Murat ildan

Windows allow you to observe the beauty of the outside world while sitting in the comfort of your house. The experience of seeing the beautiful flowers or garden every morning from your home is incomparable. Windows bring in the light and the much-needed fresh air into the house. This keeps the house cross-ventilated and airy. Lastly, windows bring style to the home – it is an integral part of the house’s aesthetics.

The right window design plays a huge part in the overall styling of the house. Over the years, aluminium windows are getting back in trend – they look modern and sleek, occupy less space, and offer high durability.

In this post, let us discuss why aluminium sliding windows are back with a bang.

Why Aluminium sliding windows?

Aluminium is an environment-friendly metal and hence is also called a green metal. Its high strength and durability make it ideal for usage in manufacturing industries. Aluminium is the right choice for window frames due to its properties like lightweight, corrosion resistance, and high malleability. Aluminium window frames are an excellent choice for every home or office space, irrespective of whether you are building or renovating the home (or office).

Sliding windows are space savers since you just have to slide them to open or close. The same principle also applies to aluminium sliding doors.

When it comes to sliding windows, Aluminium sliding windows are highly preferred as they provide high energy efficiency, give a great aesthetic feel, and are highly functional.

Advantages of Aluminium sliding windows

Now that we have already touched upon a bit on ‘why aluminium sliding windows’, let’s deep dive into the significant advantages of this category of sliding windows:

High Durability

Aluminium is a highly resistant material that has the potential to withstand severe changes in weather conditions. It is long-lasting since it does not rust or corrode easily— sliding windows made of Aluminium last longer than their other counterparts.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium sliding windows do not need an annual paint coat or any polishing. All you need for its maintenance is a clean moist cloth and soapy water. Simply keeping these windows clean with soapy water will keep them in mint condition for a lifetime. They will function smoothly and look bright with very little maintenance.

Energy efficiency

Over the last few years, Aluminium has dramatically improved thermal efficiency. When combined with energy-efficient glass, aluminium sliding door windows provide excellent thermal and sound insulation.

Lightweight & slim yet super-strong

Aluminium is a very light metal, and the aluminium alloy used to make the sliding window frame makes it extremely strong. Its high ductility and malleability make it possible to give the sliding windows a sleek look.

Plethora of Colors & Designs

Aluminium is symbolic of contemporary architectural designs. One can easily customize Aluminium sliding windows to fit any size, shape, and dimensions. It can be easily powder-coated to suit any architectural style.

The other major USP is Aluminium windows can be custom-made in any colour as per the customer’s preferences. Being robust, Aluminium is perfect to create large sliding windows – a task that cannot be achieved with wooden windows!


Aluminium is 100% recyclable, making it environment friendlier than wood or any other material. Older aluminium windows can be recycled over & over again, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint.


Aluminium sliding doors and Aluminium sliding windows are economical than wooden windows or other alternatives. They are economical since the manufacturing (or production) costs are significantly low.

This category of sliding windows is a cost-effective option for both residential and commercial use. You can get customized aluminium sliding doors and windows from AIS as per your budget and styling requirements.


Aluminium as a metal has all the necessary properties for the creation of sliding doors & windows suited for today’s age. By choosing aluminium sliding doors and windows, you are doing your bit in saving the environment. Since Aluminium provides more energy efficiency, it helps in reduced power consumption.

A wide range of aluminium sliding doors and windows from AIS can play a huge role in improving the aesthetics of your home (or office).

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