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Advantages of Aluminium windows in today’s day and age

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Aluminium (or magical metal) is the third-most commonly found element in the earth’s crust. Aluminium alloys of today’s times have the ideal composition of chemical, physical, and mechanical properties. This makes Aluminium the most sought-after metal for usage in doors and windows.

Whether it is commercial buildings or residential apartments, an increasing number of people prefer aluminium windows due to a number of advantages offered by aluminium.

Let’s deep dive into the major advantages of aluminium windows, particularly from the angle of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency:

Better Durability

When Aluminium comes in contact with air, a layer of aluminium oxide forms on the surface. This layer protects the white-metal from corrosion and other outside elements. The anti-corrosion property elongates the life-span of aluminium windows (up to 30 years). The durability factor of aluminium windows results in reduced maintenance, due to which you end up saving a lot on maintenance of the windows.

Aluminium windows (or frames) can withstand the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions, without showing any signs of wear & tear. A high strength-to-weight ratio makes the metal resistant to cracks, warps, splits, and dents.

Improved Thermal Performance

Thermal performance indicates the amount of heat transferred between the building and the surrounding. Aluminium windows when combined with thermal break, offer more significant improvements (up to 60 percent) in heat gain and heat loss.

Polyamide technology is primarily responsible for the improvements in the energy performance of aluminium glazing. Energy efficiency is one of the major USPs of aluminium windows, as improved thermal performance results in reduced energy consumption and greater savings for the owners.


Aluminium is one of the few metals that is 100 percent recyclable and reusable. The metal is non-toxic, thereby leaving a minuscule ecological footprint. Sustainability is one of the primary reasons why people prefer aluminium windows over other non-sustainable alternatives.

The challenges posed by climate change are here to stay! However, recycling aluminium prevents carbon leakage and reduces carbon footprint. This is because recycling Aluminium only consumes 5 percent of the initial energy required to create it. Using aluminium windows, you would be providing a helping hand in making this planet more environment friendly.

A Range of Design Options

The inherent strength of Aluminium makes it suited for designing frames and windows as per custom requirements.

Aluminium windows available in different finishes and glass options make it ideal for a range of building requirements (e.g. commercial, residential, educational, etc.). AIS Windows offers a range of aluminium window options – Aluminium Tilt-and-Turn Windows, Aluminium top-hung Windows, Aluminium Side-Hung Windows, Aluminium Fixed Windows, etc.; that can be tailor-made to suit the end-user requirements.

Aluminium Glass-to-Glass windows are widely being used in spaces where you want to enjoy the panoramic view of the outdoors. No one would mind taking extra ‘sunshine vitamin’ when seated indoors – a privilege that can be realized through the usage of aluminium windows.

Reduced Maintenance

Aluminium is the second-most malleable and sixth-most ductile metal. This essentially means that it can be given any shape, keeping the worries of breaking or cracking at bay. These top-notch physical properties enhance the durability of the metal. Aluminium windows won’t break easily, making them ideal for use in extreme weather conditions.

Maintenance of windows becomes a huge task if dust, dirt, and other impurities settle on them. This is not the case with aluminium windows. You can retain the beauty of the glass and frame of the windows through a quick-clean approach at a duration of 2-4 months. This will remove impurities on the windows, retaining their shine & beauty.

If reduced maintenance is on your mind, you should opt for aluminium windows over other options!


These are some of the many reasons why Aluminium is becoming the default option when it comes to windowing. This principle applies to commercial as well as residential buildings.

Better thermal performance offered by aluminium windows results in reduced power consumption, thereby letting the users save more in the long run. You are doing your bit in reducing the carbon footprint each time you choose Aluminium windows.

Customers are always on the lookout for aluminium windows that offer the right blend of unmatched aesthetics and advanced functionalities. AIS Windows offers a range of window designs that can be customized as per the needs & requirements of the customers.

Time is ripe to embrace aluminium windows and contribute to reviving the beauty of ‘Planet Earth’!

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