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25 Oct

Were Your Windows for Home Properly Installed? Use These Tips to Find Out

Posted 7:49 pm, October 25, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: Windows

With the right windows for home, you can enhance the appeal and functionality of your spaces. But what if your windows were improperly installed? Proper installation of windows for home is a tricky business, and if not done the right way can lead to major issues. Here are a few signs that your windows for home were not installed with proper care and precision. 

Lack of In-House Consultation

The first step towards the proper installation of windows for home is measuring the wall space to ensure that the window fits well. Typically, your designer will visit your house prior to installation to take measurements and discuss the design of the window you prefer. A lack of proper in-house consultation prior to the installation process may leave you with incorrectly installed windows. 

Visible Gaps

Another way to determine whether proper installation of windows for home was done is to check for any visible gaps either between the window frame and sill or between the frame and the wall. If there are any evident gaps, this means that your window was not fit into the space correctly. This is due to disparities in the size of the window and that of the space in the wall – a clear indication of poor measurements on the part of the carpenter or designer. If the window space is not a standard window size, you need customised windows. 

Leaks and Water Damage

Another give-away of incorrectly installed windows for home is water damage. Common signs of water damage include rotting wood, peeling paint, puffy walls, and mould on window frames and sill. Water damage is a clear sign of an improper window installation. In extreme cases, windows can become hubs of mould. 

Lack of Temperature Control

One of the main uses of windows for home is to protect your space from changing weather conditions. If you notice that your air conditioners and heaters are not as effective and the sound of the whistling wind is unmistakably clear, it means that there is air leakage through your windows. Your windows help control the temperature of your rooms by keeping the air locked in. With air leakage, you may have to use your air conditioners or heaters more frequently, increasing your energy consumption and electrical bills. 

Hard to Open Sashes

This is an extremely common installation mistake.  A properly installed window will function smoothly. However, if the window creaks, or gets stuck, or if it’s too difficult to move the stash, it is possible that your carpenter made a mistake. This is a sign that the stash used is either too big or too small for the size of the window. 

Foggy Window Panes

You spot fog on your window panes. You check the weather outside – clear blue sky and a pleasant morning. Then why are your windows fogging up? Bad installation job, that’s why! Modern windows for home are often inserted with a seal between the panes to keep the gas intact. This gas is often used to heighten energy-efficiency and hence, needs to be intact. Any compromise in this area will result in gas leakage and ultimately, foggy window panes. 

Lack of Warranty

Professional window solution providers will you a warranty with their products. Warranties ensure that the installer will take the utmost care in installing the windows as per the contractors’ guidelines. If your contractor did not offer you a warranty, you need to shift to a better one.

Poorly installed windows need to be replaced. The best solution is to engage professional services to replace your old windows. 

Choose Reliable Experts

You need not be an expert to be able to tell whether a window is properly installed. A few signs such as water leakage, air leakage, lack of temperature control and hard to open stashes are enough to help you understand that your installer made some mistakes and that its time to follow-up with the installation company. A poorly installed window disrupts the ambience of your home. Hence, it’s in your best interest to get it replaced by a reliable and professional service provider.

For expert installation of windows for homes, choose a company that specialises in the department and offers customized solutions. For example, there are a few companies that solely install energy efficient glass or frosted glass. Hence, in accordance with your needs, you should check the contractor’s area of expertise.

Moreover, it is extremely important to go through the company’s website and read the reviews shared by previous customers. At AIS Windows, we offer class-leading décor solutions. Our end-to-end services commence right from the time of in-house consultation, till after the installation of your windows. Our tailored solutions are developed through extensive consultation based on an understanding of your unique requirements. Choose customised windows, crafted specifically for your spaces. Contact AIS Windows to schedule a consultation today!

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