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14 Oct

Casement Windows- An Appropriate Style for Every Home

Posted 12:00 pm, October 14, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: Windows

Casement Windows - An Appropriate Style for Every Home

With the fast-pace of technology, we have found ground-breaking home solutions for problems we didn’t even know existed. Be it functional innovations like home automation to access all your rooms with the touch of a button or styling solutions to help you build the house of your dreams without compromising on quality, we’ve gotten it all. The same applies to all your window needs. We’ve come a long way from standard glass windows to now smart glass and triple-glazed windows that offer thermal insulation. Window in your home are the new window to your personality – they are perception of your taste, aesthetics and way of living.

When decorating your house, it’s important to pay attention to every little detail and your windows are not an exception to this rule. It is easy to overlook the type of windows and window frames for want of time and attention, but they play an integral role in forming the structure of your house. They are also one of the first things that a person notices when entering your house and can create a lasting impression. Although there are several options in the market, nothing beats the elegance and simplicity of casement windows.

Origin of Casement Windows

While technology has taken over every architectural aspect, casement windows are the embodiment of heritage that dates to the mediaeval times. They have been integrated with modern-day technology to create the perfect fusion of classic and futuristic and deliver the perfect type of window. Casement windows were the earliest form of movable windows with one movable frame which was called a casement sash. They had a wooden or metal frame along with hinges and pivots at the upright side of the vertical sash to help the window simulate a door and move along its entire length They open both sides and allow maximum flow of air into the room so that you can enjoy the cool breeze on a pleasant evening.

The Modernisation of Casement Windows

While conventional casement windows have a great visual appeal owing to its retro aesthetics and vintage finish, the advancement in technology has integrated new features to increase the functionality of the windows. Here are some of the top reasons why casement windows are a hit amongst several homeowners.

Noise-Free Environment

If you own a house on the main street, you must have experienced the woes of incessant noise that distract you from work and keep you up at odd hours of the night. To curb this problem, the new generation of casement windows are equipped with a double sealing technology and super sound insulation to block out the noise and let you enjoy your afternoon nap without any disturbance.

Highly Durable

Window frames are prone to corroding and rotting due to harsh weather conditions. The modern casement windows, however, use high-quality hardware that does not rust or corrode. Today’s building materials are designed to withstand sun exposure, heavy impact and extreme weather conditions such as storms. They also capable of protecting the house from water seepage.

Maximum Protection

When redecorating the house, the first thing that pops into the brain is to build a safe space for your family. Keeping this in mind, the new range of casement windows have adopted a multi-point locking system to enhance security measures and keep your loved ones away from harm at all times.

Creating a Conducive Atmosphere

Today’s casement windows come with double and triple glazing options to improve thermal insulation. They can regulate the temperature by keeping the cold air out during winters and heat away during summers. This, in turn, helps increase energy-efficiency of the house by reducing the need for air conditioners and heaters and saves money on energy bills.

Magnitude of Variety

The quintessential casement windows have evolved into many styles to help you find the perfect window solutions. Not only do they come in a variety of sizing options, but also come with the choice to customise the window frame depending upon your surroundings. AIS Glass offers uPVC, wooden and aluminium window frames to solve all your window needs. They also come in different colours and shapes to add a dash of glam. Since there are choices aplenty, casement windows serve as an appropriate window style for every house.

Real-Life Applications

Now that we know the many advantages casement windows possess, let’s look at some fun ways to incorporate casement windows into your home.

Arch Windows

Arch windows are also called radius windows. Arch windows have a rectangular bottom half whereas the top is an arch or semi-circle. This brings a softness to the room and contrasts the straight corners of rectangular windows and walls. You can also customise the Windows with the mesh, grill, sash and hardware of your choice. Arch windows can be ‘operable’ to let in fresh air. They can also be ‘fixed’ to only let in light.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

For those who like open spaces, install modern floor-to-ceiling windows to give it the illusion of sliding doors. They are functional, offer organic ventilation and easy transition.

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