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17 Jun

Things to Look for in Window Installation Company

Posted 6:59 am, June 17, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows

Are you looking for windows for home? If so, then choosing the right installation company must be your top priority. It is no secret that a home’s fenestration silently furnishes its décor along with providing security and high-performance to people living inside. Therefore, if you end up choosing the wrong installation expert, your windows won’t just be an eyesore, but will also allow for moisture, dust, and other unwanted elements to soil your interiors. Furthermore, sloppily installed windows make it easier for intruders to break in.

Therefore, before handing out the contract for windows for home, vet potential installation companies and only then proceed with the fenestration work. But you already know this! What you may not know is what to look for in a window installation company to help you zero-in on one. To help you with such a dilemma, this article consists of the top things to consider when choosing a window installation expert.

Seek Out Recommendations

It might be a good idea to select an installation company that is closer to home. That way, you can always knock at their door in case an issue arises. But, you may have a myriad of window installation companies within your neighbourhood or city. To shortlist, ask around and get referrals from your friends, neighbours, and acquaintances that live close by and have had some window work done recently. Tapping into the word-of-mouth network is always the most credible way for finding superior-quality service providers.

If you don’t know of anybody who has recently had some window work done, get on the internet and seek customer reviews for window installation companies around you. These days, a search engine also coughs up ratings for such service providers on the very first page. Fish out previous customer ratings, testimonials, and also read the negative reviews if available.

Also, figure out if the company you are interested in has an online presence, for example, a website, blog, or a social media handle and check whether they reply to customer comments online proactively. Doing this will give you a basic idea of how dedicated is their customer service and installation quality.

Call, Visit, and Ask About Experience

After shortlisting a couple of window installation experts, give each a call and visit them. Anybody can list out a phone number on the internet, but checking the quality of response when you call is necessary. Calling them and asking about their products and services will give you a fair idea of how confident and helpful they are.

Once you are satisfied with the call, visit their store or workshop to get a feel of the quality and variety of window work the company is capable of. When you are at the installation company, ask for the name of materials they use, the nature of certifications, and the training and experience of their technicians.

Workmanship Warranty

Offering warranty on workmanship and materials used is a sure sign of a company’s confidence in its products and services. It also adds another layer of protection on your investment. But, not all windows installation companies offer a comprehensive warranty. Many may try to push substantial responsibility on the manufacturer.

If you can find a window installation service that also manufactures glass and frames, go for them as opposed to a service which only installs and has a vendor tie-up to procure glass. By doing this, you can reduce the chain of middle-men who will be harder to chase after, in case of sloppy installation or quality-related issues.

Request for a Portfolio and Site Visit

Rather than relying on CAD renderings of projects on a window installer’s website, ask them to show you real-life samples of projects undertaken. Doing this works exceptionally well if you already have a project underway, which can range from commercial, re-modelling, replacement to new construction. Ask your window installer to show you a sample along the lines of the work you are thinking of beginning.

Viewing a live project photo or video gallery is often the best way to pick out window installation companies that are the best fit for you. If possible, request your installation company to schedule a visit to the actual location where you can look, touch, and feel the quality of windows and craftsmanship that may eventually adorn your walls.

The Bottom Line

Are you looking for windows for home? If yes, then look no further than AIS Windows. We are a unit of AIS – India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer. Our team of professionally trained personnel are adept at offering a wide range of uPVC, wood, and aluminium window and door solutions that are sure to match your design sensibilities.

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