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19 Jun

Myths about Triple-Glazed Windows

Posted 7:27 am, June 19, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows

Modern architecture has attained ‘unparalleled heights’ – from Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to New York’s Soho Tower, towering skyscrapers have become the norm; so much so that most residential and commercial structures have taken after these architectural marvels. Though such tall edifices incite awe and wonder, they do pose certain challenges – that of insulation and safety. Doors and windows in these structures need to serve more than aesthetic requirements, specifically that of thermal and acoustic insulation, and protection from the elements and burglars.

Is there a solution that ticks all boxes? Why yes! Triple-glazed windows can offer them all, be it for a towering skyscraper or a one-storey apartment. However, there are several myths circulating about them. This guide will debunk such myths and open your eyes to the beauty of triple-glazed windows.

Triple-Glazed Windows: What Are They?

Triple-glazed windows are made up of three glass panes in a sealed frame similar to double-glazed windows which have two panes of glass. These layers of glass have a pocket of air or inert gas such as Argon sandwiched in the middle. Argon is heavier than air and works as an insulator, ensuring thermal and to some extent, even acoustic insulation. 

Debunking the Myths

Myth #1 Triple-Glazed Windows are not Aesthetically Pleasing

A lot of property owners are under the impression that installing triple-glazed windows can ruin the look of their space, as the multiple layers of glass can make the window look thick and bulky. This is a misconception because it is the framing material that is responsible for making a window look heavy, and not the glass. Thankfully, technological advancements have made it possible to have sturdy yet slim framing materials such as uPVC and aluminium, ideal for triple-glazed window solutions; they offer aesthetic appeal without looking too voluptuous.

Myth #2 Triple-Glazed Windows are Vulnerable to Attack by Robbers and Burglars

This myth prevails due to the conventional design of double-glazed windows. Earlier, double-glazed windows had external beading to hold the two sheets of glass in place. As a result, they made it extremely easy for intruders to break-in without any hassle or noise. However, the new-generation of double and triple-glazed windows come with internal beading. This makes it extremely challenging for burglars to break-in; they would have to damage the outer layer of glass, thereby inviting trouble upon themselves. Moreover, modern-day triple-glazed windows have multi-point locking mechanism to further eliminate the chances of intrusion.

Myth #3 Triple-Glazed Windows Will Creak and Crack                

When you install new windows, it is normal for you to worry about your windows warping, cracking, and creaking. Many people believe that such phenomena are a common occurrence with triple-glazed windows, but this is gross misinformation. Modern triple-glazed windows are reinforced using galvanised steel reinforcements, which allow them to retain their shape, size, and structure even in regions that frequently face harsh weather conditions.

Applications of Triple-Glazed Windows

There are different ways triple-glazed windows can be used, given below are some of them.

Living Rooms

There are many perks of adding floor-to-ceiling windows in your homes, especially in the living room. They add style to your space and also allow you to enjoy a scenic view while lounging on your couch. But, many homeowners shy away from installing larger windows as they are more prone to break-ins. But, by opting for triple-glazed windows, you can easily go for larger windows as they will provide you with enhanced security and lower the risk of intrusion while also increasing the insulation quotient of the space.

Conference Rooms

Triple-glazed windows are much better at reducing external noise compared to ordinary windows due to the multiple layers off glass and air pockets in between each sheet. This is why they become beneficial for acoustic-insulation of conference rooms where important matters are discussed. With triple-glazed windows, you can have large windows in conference rooms, which will allow you to have visual transparency while providing noise insulation, preventing information leakage.


Whether it is your home bedroom or a hotel room, the outside noise of the bustling city can be quite disturbing, especially when you are trying to get some rest. To insulate the hotel room or the bedroom, consider installing triple-glazed windows which can significantly reduce outside noise to offer better acoustic for your comfort. For regions that have a cooler climate, installing triple-glazed windows can also help maintain an ideal temperature inside the room. Moreover, triple-glazed windows let natural light in, while blocking harmful UV rays so that you can enjoy optimal daylight and glare management.

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