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Thing to be Consider before Buying Windows for Homes

Posted 8:54 am, November 3, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Windows
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Title Suggestion – Things to be Considered before Buying Windows for Homes

Is it time to buy new windows? It could be that your home requires updates, repairs, or maybe a fresh round of décor because it’s time to move into your new home. Whatever the reason, there are a few essential things to know before choosing which windows will best fit your needs and design sensibilities.

When buying new windows for home, you’ll no doubt lean towards a design that complements the interior and exterior aesthetics of your property. Apart from looking great, it is vital to remember that these windows need to function well to meet several practical demands. Our guide will help you through this process.

Know Your Home

Like all great ladies, your house has her secret ways. Scout your surroundings and figure out what highlights the house’s aesthetics. Look for windows that accentuate this feature and also consider any important needs the structure may need to cover. For example, if you feel a room needs more natural light, sliding or bay windows will do the trick. You can also control the amount of sunshine that enters your home and protect possessions by opting for double- or triple- glazed glass windows.

Landscapes too play an integral role in installing windows. If there’s a view too good to be obstructed with grills, casement or picture windows are your go-to. If you have neighbours right across your bedroom view, perhaps tinted or frosted glass windows may be better for you. Geography determines the type of glass you need to go with. Extreme weather conditions need well-equipped and sturdy windows for home that work towards energy efficiency and air leakages.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of the occupants and the house’s precious items are what ought to be a priority for every homeowner. Moreover, keeping tiny tots safe on the top floor of a two-storey home can be challenging with floor to ceiling windows that are single-glazed. While ventilation and brightness are some of the necessities, windows for home must also be competent enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

For safety purposes, especially from weather elements, the design of your windows for home may have a lot of say. For instance – it is always better to opt for double-hung windows where the windows can be opened at an angle to allow light and air but still keep safe from rain or snow. Then, you can also have safety glass such as toughened or laminated glass installed for your windows to ensure that its impact-resistance discourages intruders from trying to invade and loot your home.

Need for Thermal Comfort

Before jumping for the best-looking windows or even the most “energy efficient,” it is important to know what you’re working with for your home. The material and make of a window will be a vital aspect to consider and research before choosing. It depends on the climate, location, age of your house, and placement within your home – it may not be ‘one size fits all’.

Now, suppose you live in a highly tropical climatic region or a place that experiences big highs and lows of temperature, then your best bet is to choose windows for home that are capable of maintaining an ideal indoor temperature all-round the year – think energy-efficient windows that come with heat-reflective or low-E glass. These windows make the interiors of your home cool during the summers and warm during the winters. So, now you can enjoy both the sweltering days and chilly nights!

Acoustic Needs

Did you know that most of the sound exchange takes place from your windows for home? So, this is also a factor to consider while choosing fenestrations for your abode. Is the noise tolerable or would your home be much quieter by the addition of acoustic windows? If yes, then it is best to soundproof your home against the cacophonies of the world.

Your Design Sensibilities

Now, finally, you must have some well-thought architectural plan for your home based on your unique design sensibilities. Well, the key is to let your new windows for home fit right into it! For spaces that are compact, maintain the minimalist vibe by choosing sliding windows, for spaces that are grand or open up to the backyard or terrace, either go for floor-to-ceiling windows or the classic French or casement windows for a grand feel, and so on.

While choosing the ideal windows for home, simply remember to balance out aesthetics and functionality for that perfect look and feel. Also, don’t forget to choose trained experts who specialise in fenestration needs for your window purchase and installation or you risk cutting short your windows’ life. Choose the experts of AIS Windows – India’s leading fenestration company. We offer bespoke fenestration solutions in substrates of uPVC, aluminium, and wood, and we will help you design the house of your dreams by offering that right blend of aesthetics and functionality. Choose from a wide range of window and glazing varieties. Get in touch today for 360-degree support!

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