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What is uPVC Doors?

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Title Suggestion – What are uPVC Doors?

In the past decade, there has been a major shift from traditional to a more contemporary architectural style and design. Modern architecture uses a minimalist and classy aesthetic approach which differs immensely from the earlier styles. With this shift, architects have started to incline more towards materials like uPVC and aluminium for home construction, decoration, and renovation.

uPVC or un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride is a material that is rising in popularity in the fenestration industry owing to its robustness and durability. What makes uPVC unique is its flexibility and durability, which makes it possible to mould it into different shapes and sizes. Plus, uPVC doors and windows are available in highly bespoke options based on the design, size, and colour, which make them all the more a hit among homeowners.

Some Popular uPVC Door Designs

Are you looking for some striking uPVC door designs? If yes, then take a look at the ones mentioned below:

Slide and Fold Door: These doors can open inward or outward and are mainly used for large open areas. They offer easy movement and look neat and attractive.

Casement Door: These consist of a single sash and are mostly hinged from the side of the door. They can be designed to open both inward and outward and are a suitable design for a balcony or porch.

Lift-and-Sliding door: Designed for large openings, these uPVC doors can make the room look spacious and large. They are incredibly convenient and provide the look of a glass wall instead of a door.

Sliding Door: Sliding doors provide a sleek and classy look and occupy minimal space. Also, these uPVC doors are sturdy, lightweight, and waterproof, which makes them better than any conventional design.

French Door: This design provides the aesthetic of colonial architecture and is the most secure design. Available in a variety of colours, these doors are durable and perfect for rooms that open into balconies and patios.

Benefits of uPVC Doors for Your Home

Now, let us talk about some of the major advantages of using UPVC doors in detail:

Endurance and Durability

uPVC is one of the most durable construction materials, and uPVC doors are extremely tough and don’t chip or crack easily. This resilient material can stand the test of time and is, therefore, highly suitable for doors. Investing in these doors will prove beneficial as you don’t have to worry about

replacing them anytime soon. Also, uPVC has high functionality that further provide endurance and durability to doors made out of the material.


Security must be your biggest priority while choosing doors and windows as you obviously don’t want unwanted visitors intruding into your house in the middle of the night. uPVC doors can easily endure a break-in attempt, and adding a multi-lock system can make it fool-proof. These doors are tough and add a layer of security to your home or office.


A lot of times, doors can get rusty, which leads to a loss of mobility in them. However, uPVC is a weather-resistant or weather-proof material that does not corrode due to humid climate or rain etc. the rust-free property is a huge plus as the doors don’t need to be oiled or lubricated and stay as good as new.

Thermal Insulation

This is a lesser-known property of uPVC but will make uPVC doors rank high on your list. Thermal insulation leads to the material trapping heat inside during winters and keeping the environment warm. This will surely reduce your electricity bills and ensure energy efficiency in your home. This is mainly because the material is a low conductor of heat.

Fire Safety

If you have kids running around the house, then this may be the deciding factor for you. uPVC as a material is not flammable, which means it doesn’t catch fire easily and prevents accidental fires. It has a self-extinguishing property that makes the doors safer and ideal for homes.

Looking for uPVC Doors? Consult the Experts

Now you are well-aware about the features and advantages of uPVC doors and can make a better choice for your home or office. uPVC is high in demand due to its various benefits and has become a favoured choice for most architects and homeowners alike. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best-quality products and a wide range of designs for uPVC doors, then you must contact AIS Windows.

We at AIS Windows offer end-to-end services and assist our clients from product selection to installation, even with after-sales support. Our team consists of highly-trained fenestration experts who know their job well and will assist you in bringing your vision to life. AIS Windows also ensures that our clients receive exactly what they need by customising the products as per client requirements. Our fenestration solutions are available in substrates of wood, aluminium, and uPVC.

So, if you are ready to transform your home, get in touch with us today!

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