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01 May

Reasons Why It Is Not Advised to Install UPVC Doors and Windows Yourself

Posted 11:15 am, May 1, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors ,UPVC Windows

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows for Easy Cleaning

A lot of things are DIY (Do-it-Yourself) but installing uPVC doors and windows are not one of them! Why? Firstly, if you are dealing with a refurbishment project as big as replacing windows, it will require a significant amount of finesse, time, and energy. Secondly, since you will be locally sourcing the materials from perhaps an uncertified vendor, it will come with no warranty or other protections.

UPVC doors and windows are the perfect amalgamations of durability, aesthetics, and energy-efficiency. But, they must be installed under expert supervision only. Choose a trusted brand like AIS Windows to get quality uPVC fenestration done. Listed below are the unobvious disadvantages that you should know before installing uPVC doors and windows yourself.

Technicians Are Often More Experienced

When you choose a reliable brand like AIS Windows, you are sure to get a team of well-trained and seasoned specialists who carefully plan and execute uPVC fenestration as per your requirements. A job like installing uPVC doors and windows has a certain learning curve attached to it. Take a long hard look at your handy skills before committing to such a task because you don’t want to get in the middle of the upgrade only to discover that your skillset is not adept at providing the desired result.

Don’t forget that if a DIY exercise in fenestration goes wrong, it will ultimately end up costing you a lot more money than getting a technician involved in the first place. Hiring an experienced technician for a big project trumps any savings you think of obtaining via DIY methods.

They Are aware of the Latest Trends

uPVC doors and uPVC windows come in various designs and colours with different types of glazing options. As a homeowner, you will mostly be bound by a myriad of pressing matters – your job or taking care of your family, etc. Fenestration will then become an after-thought since you are not going to be current on the latest options available to you. Your limited knowledge of uPVC doors and windows will prevent you from maximising the full potential of said material.

Professionals working with fenestration will always be up-to-speed with the latest practices in doors and windows and can provide you with accurate advice. They can not only install uPVC doors and windows but can also help you choose the right type of glass depending on your residential needs.

They Always Have the Correct Tools

When you set out to complete a DIY project, you seldom have all the right tools for it. Companies like AIS Windows always use specialised tools to ensure that the job is completed successfully and with panache. The right tools are critical for installing uPVC doors and windows as that guarantees a secure fit and finish. Professionals also have the know-how of transporting and installing big fenestration units without causing any harm to other furnishings inside your property.

DIYs Have Zero Warranty

Installing windows is a big renovation activity as windows are responsible for keeping your family members safe. If you hire an experienced service provider to take care of such a project, you can be assured of a strong warranty on the installation process as well as the materials used. This will work as a seal of security and help guard against sudden problems.

Try hiring an end-to-end fenestration service like AIS Windows that provides frames as well as glass. This way the warranty comes from a single company. A solid warranty ensures that you don’t have to spend any money on repairs or reinstallation of the products within the stipulated period should any problem present itself unexpectedly. Choosing the DIY route, however, will void all these guarantees.

Professionals Leave Your Surroundings Clean

A professional fenestration service leaves your home the way they found it after the project is complete. They will do a thorough job cleaning up after fitting your brand-new uPVC doors and windows in place. It is no secret that construction jobs can get very messy. Therefore, it is very convenient if a professional service takes the responsibility to remove all the scraps and debris.

Cleaning up the worksite is essential, also because you don’t want anyone tripping or hurting themselves once the work is done. Technicians can also help you dispose off your old windows if you want them to. This way you are free from the burden of getting rid of them and can enjoy your new set of uPVC doors and windows without any latent worries.

The Final Word

While it may be fun to try something new, you should avoid DIY projects of this magnitude. Fenestration affects the overall structure of your home, and if not done properly, can seriously compromise the safety and security of your family members. Thinking of getting uPVC doors and windows installed in your home? Get in touch with AIS Windows for all your fenestration needs. Our team of experts provides end-to-end services from helping you pick out the frame and glass to installing it, including after-sales support. Walk into one of our stores, or log on to today!

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