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Reasons Why French Doors Are so Appealing

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About French Windows

Architects and designers put tremendous faith in natural light and how it transforms a room. If you want your home to soak in all the goodness of the sun, a French door is for you. Native to 17th century France, French doors can crank up the décor of any contemporary home.

A Brief History and Evolution of the French Door

Not many know this but French doors are inspired by Italian architecture. How come? France and Italy were at war in the late 16th century. After the war got over, the French came back home bearing Italian artwork as well as other ancient Roman architectural influences. French doors, even today are reminiscent of the Renaissance period and are characterised by symmetry and proportion. The popularity of French doors began peaking in the 17th century, and it was during this time that they found their way to England.

French doors were originally made out of solid wood but later, wrought iron was introduced to further stylise these doors. Then, as modern advancements in glass became prominent, windows were cleverly integrated within these designs to make French windows. Today, single or multiple panes of glass are held in by wooden, aluminium, or uPVC frames to construct French doors and windows. Before artificial lighting came into being, these doors and windows were used in hallways and rooms to allow for more natural light to enter.

Benefits of the French Door

Over the years, French doors found their way from mostly being installed on the top floor of homes to the ground floor. Today they continue to award aesthetic appeal, light, and high functionality to any space they are integrated in. French doors and windows are a popular solution that comes to mind when one thinks of creating a sense of openness in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, etc. Installing this structure on the exterior walls of your home can provide panoramic views and easy access to the garden area, swimming pool, or terrace.

French doors are also great for ventilation. If you live by the sea, these doors when opened allow a gush of sea breeze to flow through your home. Here is a summary of several other unsung benefits of French doors

Improves Spatial Usability

If you are short on square footage, opt for sliding French doors. This type opens up smaller rooms without taking up any additional space. However, if you don’t have a space crunch, go for traditional hinged French doors. This type swings open outwards or inwards and provides wider entryways as compared to sliding doors.

Brightens up Spaces

If you have a smaller home, which is the case in most metropolises, French doors create an illusion of more space. You can brighten up the room by converting an entire wall into a magnificent glass French door. These doors are also very easy to install. If your home has smaller windows and old solid wood or metal doors, consult AIS Windows to replace your old doors with new French doors.

Provides Safety and Security

Contrary to popular belief, French doors are very safe and secure if installed with the right kind of glass pane. Additionally, these doors can be locked at different points across the frame. If you wish to install them on an exterior wall of your home, get double or triple glazed toughened safety panes. Toughened glass is very hard to break and also increases thermal comfort by insulating your home from extreme weather conditions.

Customise French Doors by Choosing the Right Glass

A large variety of glass types can be embedded inside a French door frame. AIS Windows offers Stronglas (toughened), Acousticglas (soundproof), Ecosense (energy-efficient) glass to accommodate any level of functionality sought by you.

Energy-efficient glass can be used if you live in a location that has extreme weather conditions. You don’t have to put your dream of getting French doors on hold if you live in a particularly noisy street. Simply get soundproof panes installed.

With modern advancements in manufacturing technologies, you can get French doors as well as windows installed in several framing materials ranging from wood to metal, to vinyl. Get uPVC or unplasticised French door frames instead. uPVC doors come in a host of colours, and can be moulded into any dimension.  You can even go for the modern appeal of colourful aluminium frames or stick with the timeless appeal of wood.

Over to You

French doors and windows exude timeless elegance. To avail the best of French doors, get in touch with AIS Windows. We offer end-to-end solutions for all your door and window needs. Our experts can help you choose and install the right type of glass panes and frames that will enhance your home décor and functionality. Walk into one of our stores, or log on to www.aiswindows.com for a free expert consultation today!

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