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5 Amazing Décor Ideas with French Doors

Posted 10:42 am, April 1, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: French doors

About french windows

Architects and designers today put a lot of faith in natural light and how it transforms a room. It can be said without a shred of doubt that natural light comes with endlessly changing qualities that make a room look different at different times of the day. Artificial light can never quite match up to the elegance and exquisiteness of natural light. If you want your home to soak in all the goodness of light then installing French doors is the way to go.

Invented in the 17th century in France, French doors are extended windows that go all the way to the floor. They allow in oodles of gorgeous natural light and have evolved into a popular décor feature, especially for homes. Bring the outside inside with the help of French doors. They are nothing short of art pieces and one cannot help but stare at a beautifully installed French door. Since they use a lot of glass, they shower in abundant light that adds warmth and sophistication to your interiors. They can be installed in any area or room of your home or office. Here are a few décor ideas involving French doors for you this year.

Series of French Doors

You can truly achieve a panoramic view inside your home by installing a series of French doors in a wall facing outwards. A series of French doors overlooking the outside have a dual purpose, as they also function as a set of windows. The series of French doors add an expansive sense of space, especially if you are short on square footage, as is the case several times in metropolises. Instead of installing French doors which in-swing or out-swing, get sliders that take up zero space. A French sliding door can have wider panels lacing the glass to give a colonial look to your interiors without eating up extra space.

Convert Windows Into French Doors

This is a no brainer! If you have windows overlooking your balcony, and a door on their side, opening into that balcony, replace this setup with gorgeous, long French doors and gain a clearer view with easy access to your balcony. A window is better being a window door. French doors can do wonders for opening up little spaces by creating stylish entryways, especially in homes with old construction. If you live in a bungalow that does not have any other door besides the main entrance, you can choose to convert an outer window into a French door to create a second entry door.

Pair Doors With windows and Sidelights

Interior designers and architects often combine windows and sidelights with French doors to create a luxe effect in the room. This combination ends up making an entire wall out of glass French doors opening into another space. Apart from combining windows, transom and sidelights also complement French doors. Transom windows provide extra ventilation and are installed on the top half of the door. Sidelights are vertically installed next to the main French door and bring in additional natural light. Try recalling a French door with grids and now imagine them with a transom on top. The transom can also be made like an arch to give your modern room a period effect.

Try Wooden or uPVC Materials for Doors

If you are looking for a glimpse of true luxury through French doors, then installing them with a wooden frame makes sense. Consider getting French doors installed with simple but exquisite woodwork. Honey-coloured Mahogany doors can add a great deal of panache to your interiors. Wood frames, in general, come in a lot of colour options. Make sure that the colour of the wood blends well with your interior walls. Wood-panelled French doors are classy and eye-catching. You can also look at the wood-like material options in case you want varieties in laminates.

Alternatively, you can install uPVC French doors, especially if you are looking for the perfect combination of performance and aesthetics. uPVC doors have an exquisite finish, including wooden finishes. They are also available in various colours. They do not swell up when exposed to torrential downpours and routine humidity, last long and are very easy to maintain.

Personalize French Doors by Choosing the Right Glass

With modern advancements in glass glazing, you may be pleasantly surprised at the vast variety of glass available at your disposal. You can use insulated glass for your French doors as that will provide added thermal comfort across all seasons. Alternatively, you can use toughened glass or soundproof glass to keep the insides of your house shielded from noise pollution in case your house is on a street with more than usual hustle and bustle. If you want further sound control, then double glazing or double-paned glass of any type will reduce sound by up to 20% as opposed to a single-paned glass. Make sure that you use a single frame colour to create coherence of design. Additionally, paint the walls a lighter colour so that the French doors pop out beautifully.

The Bottom Line

Are you renovating your home or looking forward to moving into a new one? French doors are sure to match your design sensibilities in both cases. To ensure that your home décor endeavour is fruitful, get French doors installed by AIS Windows. We are your one-stop solution for all window needs. Consult with our team of experts and be rest assured of high-quality French doors, delivered and installed professionally.

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