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Steps to Install French Doors at Home

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Doors, though a huge part of any home are often given little importance, if any. And even if they are deemed important, it is to the extent of their aesthetics. Notwithstanding aesthetics should be a big consideration in designing or revamping your home’s doors and windows, it should never be sought-after at the expense of functionality. When it comes to choosing doors for your property, French doors have always remained a popular choice among all homeowners.

Before we get into how you can get them installed in your home, let us get to know a little about French doors. 

What are French Doors?

The French door is a type of door that has two sections that move on hinges, located on the opposite sides of the door frame. These doors can open and close in the middle. The door section is constructed with glass panes. These glass panes could either be made of a single large pane of glass or small individual glass panels that are referred to as window grids. When a French door is swung open, you get an entire open doorway with no centre post.

Benefits of Installing French Doors

French doors are not just entry or exit points but they also add sheer beauty, elegance and a touch of Colonial architecture to your space. Along with increasing the visual appeal, they also make various other improvements to your space. Given below are just a few of the many benefits that you get from having French doors installed-

  • Natural Light and Space

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of French doors is that they allow ample of natural light to enter. When the French first developed this style of doors, it was meant to provide sufficient light to dimly-lit homes. This main function has been retained by French doors over all these years. Adequate natural light can add life to your space. By replacing normal windows in your house with French doors, you will not only be adding another entry point but you’ll also give your interiors a more spacious feel. The wide opening of French doors also allows for increased ventilation. French doors also create an illusion of more space and can make your interiors look larger.

  • Energy Efficiency

Another exceptional aspect of French doors is that they make your home energy-efficient. As mentioned above, French doors allow ample of natural light into your space, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Moreover, French doors when manufactured using low-E or heat-reflective glass reflect the sun’s extreme heat during summers and trap the interior heat in winters. This reduces your need for artificial cooling or heating systems. As a result, your energy consumption gets reduced, thereby bringing down your energy bills.

  • Security

Most people assume that French doors, because they involve huge glass panes are not safe and secure.  However, this is a wrong notion. French doors used for patios and balconies usually have one opening handle from inside, hence providing security. Moreover, when reinforced with toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass, they are just as secure as other standard door forms. Most French doors even come with multi-point locks for ultimate security.

Applications of French Doors

French doors are a great choice for connecting spaces visually. They work perfectly as access points to outdoor spaces such as your balcony, patio, porch or even a conservatory. Along with being ideal for outside spaces, French doors can also be installed as interior passage doors where visibility and light are preferred.

If you’re struggling with a lack of light in your homes, then you can consider replacing some windows with French doors in your next home renovation project. Whether you have a big house or a ‘just right’ one, French doors can be a perfect addition to all kinds. They have the durability and structure of a standard door but they have the appeal of a glass door. You can also install French doors in your dining room, living room, and kitchen to make them seem more spacious. If you have rooms with dual access points then you can install French doors facing one another. This will change the layout of your home and make it look larger. Another way of using French doors inside your home is to install them in the corners of your rooms. This gives a stunning appearance to your home’s interiors.  

The Correct Way of Installing French Doors at Home

Installing French doors can be a little complicated. To ensure that the installation job is done well, it is crucial to seek professional help. A professional expert who has experience with installations will ensure that your French door is completely level and can open and close easily. They will also ensure that the gaps around your door frame are tightly sealed so that you won’t have to suffer from air leaks or other such issues. If your French door is not installed properly, it can reduce your home’s energy-efficiency and hinder your home’s security.

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