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18 Dec

Reasons to Install Aluminium Windows

Posted 5:40 am, December 18, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: Aluminium Windows

Install Aluminium Windows

Windows are an essential part of every space, and it is vital to take them into consideration while constructing or designing a space. They fill the home with much-needed light and warmth and facilitate proper air circulation. They set the premise for the interiors and leave lasting impressions on passers-by. However, they are not just limited to enhancing the aesthetic brilliance of your homes and offices. They also serve as a vital component in maintaining the structural integrity of your space, protect you, and the others residing with you from intruders and even act as a protective barrier from the external environment.

And with revolutionary innovations taking place in the window industry, you now have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of stylish window profiles. Whether you’re looking for a rustic window design to build a grand entrance for your home or a modern, sleek profile to add a touch of glam and sophistication to your offices, you can choose from among multiple window designs that fit into your style and colour palette. And while there are plenty of trendy window profiles for you to choose from, nothing quite beats the elegance and simplicity of aluminium windows.

Why Use Aluminium?

With the wide range of window frames available in the market, many of you may be wondering whether aluminium frames are the right choice for you. Well, the answer to your question is yes, they most definitely are, and here’s why.

Designed with high-performance aluminium, modern aluminium frames possess malleable properties which provide manufacturers with plenty of scope to design unique and trendy window designs. Whether you wish to install minimalistic windows with sleek frames or you’re looking for window frames that scream grandeur and opulence, aluminium windows can do it all with ease. Its unique properties offer an array of customisable designs with trendy finishes and contemporary glass patterns.

Aluminium is a stable and robust material that does not swell, crack, warp, split, chip, or corrode over time. Unlike other window manufacturing materials, aluminium windows can withstand heat, rain, cold, sleet, or snow and are 100% resistant to termites. AIS Windows offers endless options for high-grade aluminium windows, which can be bent into the desired shape and be sprayed with a wide range of attractive hues for sprucing up the décor and adding a fun splash of colour to your space. Aluminium also possesses excellent thermal and acoustic-insulation properties rendering it the ideal choice for creating and peaceful indoor surroundings that you desire. High-grade aluminium is also capable of increasing the energy-efficiency of your spaces by 60% with its remarkable insulative properties.

Aluminium also offers one of the highest recycling rates as opposed to any other metal making it the preferred choice of environmentally-conscious architects and designers aiming to include sustainable materials in their projects. Companies supporting environmental conservation are also promoting the use of aluminium windows as its recycling process merely utilises 5% of the initial processing energy. The aluminium windows manufactured at AIS Windows are structurally the most durable type of window profiles, offer a modern aesthetic, are incredibly durable, and most-importantly require little to no maintenance to render your space clean and attractive.

Types of Aluminium Windows

Now that you know that aluminium frames possess the perfect blend of world-class aesthetics and functional benefits, let’s take a look at some of the trendy designs of aluminium windows and their typical applications that you can use.

Side-Hung Window

Possessing a chic British design to strike the perfect balance between modern and traditional, aluminium side-hung windows are the go-to choice for people to looking for a classic window design for their homes. Consisting of a frame and a casement, these windows can be attached through a hinge on either side of the casement for ease of use. AIS Windows’ Aluminium side-hung windows are manufactured with high-grade AIS aluminium frame and AIS glass of choice to help you create window profiles that offer the perfect balance between smart aesthetics and exceptional functionality. They are low-maintenance, easy to operate, and also provide protection from external environments such as fluctuating temperatures, rain, noise, and pollution.

Glass-to-Glass Windows

Designed to accommodate spaces with large openings, aluminium glass-to-glass windows (or glass corner windows) are the ideal choice for people looking to amp up the luxurious feel of their areas. At AIS Windows, the AIS Glass-to-glass aluminium windows are designed with large glass panels meeting at an angle of ninety degrees to create a fixed window unit that gives a sense of continuity. This contemporary number is perfect for every space. It can be used in towering buildings with all-glass interiors or to build a sophisticated conference room. It can also be used in hotel rooms and villas to offer visitors a panoramic view of the great outdoors. Moreover, it allows an ample amount of natural light to enter your space to light up the room and give the illusion of the larger space.

Aluminium windows are the go-to solution for every person looking to install new window profiles. At AIS Windows, we possess a wide variety of window designs, and each profile can be customised to your liking to help you create our ideal space. We even offer end-to-end services to ensure maximum satisfaction for clients. Get in touch to get an expert consultation today!

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