Common Myths about Aluminium Doors and Windows

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With the rise in creative innovations in the fenestration industry, doors and window shopping is no longer limited to one or two solutions. Whether you’re looking to install windows that increase the safety measures of your homes and offices or are searching for door designs that scream elegance and grandeur to create a luxurious entrance, you can find door and window profiles that match the exact vibe of your space.

When looking at door and window catalogues, you may have seen aluminium popping up as one of the go-choices for designing sophisticated and straightforward door and window frames. Despite holding a significant position in the fenestration industry, aluminium as a building material continues to be controversial owing to the many myths floating around with regards to it.

When considering using aluminium frames for your doors and windows, you may receive mixed reviews about their merits and demerits, leaving you more confused than before. The reason for the diverse opinions about aluminium doors and windows is their popularity. Just like any other famous person or item, several rumours and myths circulate about aluminium doors and windows too.

In reality, however, doors and windows made with high-grade aluminium are structurally the strongest types of frames in the world. And so, in this article, we shall debunk all the myths about aluminium doors and windows and replace it with real facts to help you understand their true benefits.

Myth #1: Aluminium Windows Cause Condensation

Condensation is a process where water droplets accumulate on a cold surface turning the surface moist. As a metal, aluminium is known to turn cold quickly due to fluctuations in temperature and cause condensation, turning the aluminium doors and windows damp and wet. However, condensation stems from multiple factors such as the humidity of the air, outdoor temperature, as well as the glass surface temperature. And we cannot wholly eradicate condensation from our lives; however, modern-day aluminium doors and windows do not cause any extra condensation. Aluminium has the same level of thermal insulation as wood and uPVC – the only two strong contenders of door and window frames in the market.

High-performance aluminium doors and windows are designed with the latest thermal break technology, which possesses hollow chambers in the glass filled with insulation to provide aluminium doors and windows with outstanding transfer coefficient and ensure that your indoor temperature is always ideal. At AIS Windows, our aluminium frames come with excellent thermal resistance properties to improve the energy-efficiency of your homes and offices. They help regulate the temperature by blocking the heat out during summers and trapping the warmth during winters to maintain the perfect indoor atmosphere.

Myth #2: Aluminium Windows Are Bland

Back in the earlier days, aluminium frames were always pictured to be plain silver, dull and did not add to the aesthetic appeal of your space. They were known for making the exteriors of homes and offices dull and monotonous and creating a similar impression about the interiors as well. Modern-day aluminium doors and windows, however, are quite a different story and are available in a multitude of exciting shades and trendy styles.

As a malleable material, aluminium can easily be bent into any shape or size to get the desired look. The boring cold, silver frames go through a process of powder coating to give your aluminium windows a fun pop of colour they need to transform your spaces from dull to vibrant in a split second. At AIS Windows, we offer complete customisation of aluminium frames. They can be designed to fit any frame and can be sprayed with any colour of your choice to help you design the perfect doors and windows that elevate the look and feel of your space.

Myth #3: Aluminium Windows Are Not Strong

Widespread myths are floating around about aluminium not being strong or durable enough to provide security. The reality, however, is entirely different. Aluminium has the most robust structural integrity than all other metals in the world. Owing to its impact-resistant properties, aluminium can carry heavy loads and maintains the dimensions and tightness of your door and window frames effortlessly. Modern-day aluminium doors and windows are also equipped with excellent multi-point locking systems and toughened glass to enhance the overall security measures of your homes and offices.

At AIS Windows, we only use high-performance aluminium which does not split, rot, warp, or corrode over time. They are also designed to be dust, UV, and termite-resistant to maintain a clean and hygienic environment that requires minimal maintenance. They are capable of withstanding extreme climatic conditions such as rain, wind, snow, sleet, and heat. Owing to their modern aesthetic and impressive strength, they are used for designing every space – be it hotels, offices, auditoriums, hospitals, or showrooms.

Looking for top-tier companies that offer specialised solutions for your aluminium doors and windows? Contact AIS Windows – the one-stop-shop for all your door and window needs. Right from the initial selection process up until the final installation, we take care of everything to ensure a satisfying experience for our clients. Get in touch for an expert consultation today!

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