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Features and Benefits of Casement Windows

Posted 5:42 am, December 21, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows
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Looking for elegant and modern window profiles? Consider investing in casement windows. A casement window, simply put, is a window that is attached to the frame on the side by one or more hinges. You can use a singular casement window for your interiors or you can use it in pairs with a common frame. If you use it in pairs with a common frame then the casement window will be hinged on the outside. The windows which are hinged at the top are referred by industry specialists as ‘awning windows’ and the ones that are hinged at the bottom are popularly known as ‘hoppers’.

As people are becoming more and more aware of how their homes are a safe haven offering shelter from the cold world outside, they are increasingly becoming aware of the role the details play in rendering warmth and beauty to the big picture. Meaning, people are paying attention to their often neglected doors and windows. And in the process, many homeowners are opting for casement windows for their homes because of their simple yet classic design but that’s not all. Casement windows are much more than their style and look.

Given below are the many reasons why you should consider investing in casement windows

Highly Energy-Efficient

Casement windows form a tight seal when we close them because of their hinged sashes that press against the window frame. This helps to prevent the loss of heat and also prevent air leaks since there is no gap or space between the window frame and the sash. Because of this feature, casement windows are highly energy-efficient.

As casement windows are highly energy-efficient, they help in reducing your indoor cooling and heating needs further helping in the regulation of your energy consumption. This subsequently increases your energy savings.

Great Ventilation

Casement windows are usually wide and instead of having the usual sliding mechanism to close or open, it has an open and shut feature. This feature allows you to open them all the way increasing the ventilation and amount of natural light of the space they’re installed in.

During the day, you can easily open the casements windows to let in the beautiful sunshine as well as the pleasant breeze. Not only this but it is also perfect if you want to air out your rooms, especially your kitchen.

Easy to operate

Most modern casement windows that are being used now have the option of a crank handle; something which wasn’t present in the traditional casement windows, making it very easy for you to operate them.

Due to this feature, you don’t have to worry about leaning out of the window just to get hold of the sash to close the casement windows. You can easily use the crank handle to operate it making this a safe and efficient way of operating the casement windows.

Enhanced Security

Casement windows come with a lever that helps lock the window securely at multiple window points.

This lever that helps to lock the casement windows at multiple points makes it very hard for anyone to force them open. This provides you relief from the worry that thieves or robbers might break into your house.

Unobstructed View

In casement windows, there is no central rail attached to the frame.

If you are looking to enjoy the view in front of your house, then casement windows are your best pick as there is no central rail giving you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the view unobstructed when the windows are left wide open.

Easy to Clean

As casement windows can be opened wide, it is easy for you to clean them.

Forget about putting extra effort by climbing ladders to clean the windows, now you can easily clean the casement windows from the inside of your house.

Versatile in Nature

Your house should be an expression of your own personality which is why when designing or selecting the options for your house, you should always choose the product which compliments your house the most. Casement windows look good on any home, whether traditional or modern giving you plenty of scope to customise them as per your taste.

Windows have the potential to completely revamp the way your house looks and make it more appealing. If you are looking for a great window, do not be afraid to opt for casement windows. They are not only elegant in style but also provide ventilation and light along with being versatile.

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