How to Find the Most Appropriate uPVC Window Designs for Your Living Space

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When it comes to designing your home, windows are often relegated to the status of an afterthought. The reason this is a mistake is that a room’s windows can really help bring the entire look of the house together. uPVC windows come in all types of shapes and sizes, but it is up to you to decide which kinds of uPVC window designs are appropriate for your living space. Factors like size, security, spaciousness, and light are to always be kept in mind. 

Why Should I go for uPVC Windows?

uPVC, or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is the most popular material used for building windows and doors worldwide – and for good reason. It is highly flexible and structurally stable, making it suitable for any intricate window designs. Besides, uPVC comes with a range of metallic and wooden finishes. This ensures that no matter the design you are going for, your windows will never look out of place.

uPVC also has a multitude of benefits. It is a great insulator against heat, not allowing heat to flow out during winters and preventing heat flow inwards during summers. It directly contributes to reducing money spent on heating or cooling your home. uPVC is also comprised of a layer of galvanised steel, so it is harder for burglars and intruders to break.

uPVC window designs do not rot like timber does, nor do they rust like iron. They require almost no maintenance throughout their lifetime, which can extend to infinity since this material is 100% recyclable. 

What Window Design Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing uPVC window designs, you should consider some basic parameters.

  • Security

Most windows that do not open wide are more secure than those which open fully. A double-hung window, for example, opens wide if its lower panes are slid upwards, letting intruders get in easily.

On the other hand, awning windows, which hinge at the top of the frame or casement windows that open like doors, leave a very narrow space for burglars to get inside. Both of these windows can also be sealed tightly. Awning windows also have the advantage of preventing rain and other debris from entering your house.

  • View

Picture windows are the best for a good view of the outdoors. They are stationary and do not open in any way. They provide no ventilation, but their large size means that they can make any room look spacious.

Bay windows and bow windows are also ideal for a good outside view. These windows curve outward from the exterior wall, but a bow window has 4-6 openings while a bay window only has 3. Because of their curved structure, they provide a wide view of the outdoors.

  • Ventilation

Casement windows are your best bet for ventilation purposes. They create almost a narrow funnel for breeze to be directed into the house. A double-hung window is also a smart choice for ventilation – hot air tends to rise above cool air, so cool air tends to come in through the bottom opening while hot air escapes from the top.

Picture windows are not the best for ventilation since they either move very little or do not open at all.

  • Light

Bay and bow windows let in the maximum amount of sunlight after picture windows because of their multiple openings and wide field of view. Apart from these, a skylight is a good choice to let sunlight into small rooms. This window can also let sunlight into large open rooms, although it is a lot less durable because of direct exposure to heat and rain.

  • Looks

The look you prefer depends on the overall style you have decided on for your house.

  • For a more contemporary vibe, simple sliding windows or awnings are the ideal choice. Casements are also common in modern homes. A picture window lets you add a new dimension to your modern home as it looks sleek but also provides a great view of the outdoors like the more classical-looking bow windows.
  • For a vintage or classical look, bay and bow windows work well. These kinds of windows were actually employed in building castles during the Renaissance, so it is no surprise that they have such a classic appeal to them. Skylights are also reminiscent of attics in old mansions, so they are ideal if you are building a larger home.

There are some miscellaneous things you can consider when choosing uPVC window designs as well – garden windows which are usually placed above a kitchen sink provide a shelf for small plants and other decorations to be displayed, as do bay and bow windows. Intricately designed transom windows placed above doors and other windows can also give an extra edge of elegance to your home.

Whatever is the style you’re looking for, AIS Windows gives you everything in one place, from a robust uPVC frame to durable glass. As India’s most well-established brand of architectural glass, AIS Windows makes sure that your windows are sturdy, beautiful, and secure.

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