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How AIS Windows Brought Vision of United University to Life

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An idea comes from the inspiration to accomplish something that passion dictates. Turning thoughts into full-fledged plans are hard, but what is harder is executing that plan and seeing it culminate into reality. The path to ideal execution is riddled with challenges. But, one must accept said challenges so that they can feel the exhilaration that comes with being victorious. Such was the case of AIS Windows trying to achieve a vision riddled with hardships and obstacles, but finally emerging as a victor.

Constructing a Vision

The United University in Allahabad was grappling with fenestration challenges. Fenestration is essentially the arrangement of windows in a building. They seemed to have a creative vision of how they wanted to present their architectural façade but were unable to conceptualize how to best use windows. The university’s structure demanded ample ventilation and natural light – a need that was to be met through a mix of arc and encasement windows.

Arc windows, also called arch windows, have a rectangular bottom and a semi-circular top. These windows require more skill to construct as they are not the standard, straight, rectangular cut-outs like the encasement windows. This type of window brings a certain “je ne sais quoi” or x-factor to a room or structure. They provide softness and quaintness to the surroundings, so constructing them is worth the time and energy consumed.

Overcoming the Challenges 

Our experts at AIS Windows were approached to bring these design ideas to life. Given that we have been in this industry for more than three decades, trust was placed upon our team to deliver the vision of United University realistically. The magnitude of this project demanded special care and also involved overcoming overwhelming challenges. An order for installing a staggering number of 962 windows was awarded to us, who spanned over an area of 42,752.35 Sq.ft.

Measuring windows, especially arc windows in this high-rise university complex, required precision as the arch angles for cutting and filleting glass panes have to be just right. The complex arc window cavity was accurately measured by the cumulative efforts put in by our team of experts for window fabrication and glass manufacturing.

Challenges were also encountered during the process of construction surveying due to the vastness of the installation area. Surveying, also called staking, is a method of laying out reference points to accurately guide the construction of a new structure. With close to a thousand windows pending construction, the process of surveying became a challenge. This threatened to increase the turnaround time or TAT, but a project as ambitious as this was completed not only on time but also with great precision by our experts.

AIS’ Process Innovation

It is not enough to make processes more efficient on the execution level alone. A holistic approach must be employed to improve things at a systemic level as well.

The general industry practices of installing windows begin with the installation department receiving a survey request and a surveyor or a group of surveyors visiting the site to cut a template of the window cavity using 4mm plywood. This wooden mould is then carried to the plant which fabricates a window frame and also cuts a glass pane template, as per the mould’s dimensions. The glass template is then sent to the glass manufacturer so that the right size and design of the pane can be achieved. After this, the glass manufacturer resends the custom-cut pane template back to the windows plant for assembly and mass production. The finished window then reaches the site for installation. This process is spread out all over the place, has inefficacies, redundancies and also requires a lot of coordination.

At AIS Windows, this process has been improved upon to enhance the delivery method by altering technological and logistical practices. During this project, the surveyor visited the site after receiving a request. They then sent the dimensions of the cavity, window frame, and glass pane on an Excel sheet to the back-end department where dimensions were double-checked. The back-end department sent these dimensions along with the drawings straight to the plant. The plant then fabricated the frame and the glass processor manufactured these panes as per the drawings.

The difference between the general industry practice and the AIS Windows practice was the cutting down of a lot of back-and-forth operations at the systemic level along with a more decentralised approach within departments. The process from surveying to handing over the deliverables became seamless due to the aforementioned innovation strategies and stringent execution processes.

Standing the Test of Time

The beautiful and durable windows installed by AIS Windows have brought the modern façade of the United University to life. The clear glass panes set inside arc windows as well as casement windows have provided a contemplative environment to the interiors as well as the exteriors of the structure. The building stands strong today with exceptional fenestration. It was completed on time with remarkable technical mantle coupled with high-calibre product expertise and smooth delivery.

Taking up a vast project such as this one is arduous and daunting for all top brands of this industry. This project completed by AIS Windows for the United University has not generated a single surveying error to date. Even after years of usage, our windows stay strong and hold up the décor of this structure in the most graceful manner possible.


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