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5 Signs You Need New Glass Windows

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Signs You Need New Glass Windows

Even though your house is an inanimate object, it can communicate the need for repairs and replacements quite evidently. From damaged ceilings to air-gaps in window sills; each is a medium for you to determine the health of your home and take necessary steps to fix the issues. Since each component of your home serves a unique and valuable purpose, due care should be given to address any concerns.

If you are confused about the state of your glass windows and whether they require replacement, this guide will help you make out the signs –

Increasing Heating or Cooling Bills

Have your electricity bills risen in recent months? Do you have to adjust your air-conditioning or heating system more often than usual?

If your answer to both of these questions is yes, your windows have probably lost their insulating strength. To be sure, put your hand on the glass or frame of your window on a cold day. If the window is cool, there is a lack of appropriate insulation. You can also put a burning lamp or a candle and move it next to the frame of your window to feel for drafts. Sometimes, light can also filter in through gaps in the structure that contribute towards disturbing the comfortable temperature of your home.

The presence of any of the aforementioned signs indicates a need for glass window replacement. Make sure that the new windows you get installed offer adequate heat insulation and thereby reduce your energy bills. AIS Windows provides a wide range of heat-insulating windows in different frame materials to suit your needs.

Visible Damage to Frames

As glass windows age, they are subjected to constant wear and tear. Harsh weather conditions like excessive heat and humidity can cause moisture build-up in framing materials like wood. Even metal frames are not immune to scratches, physical impact and extreme weather conditions.

Decaying window frames are one of the most evident signs of the need for replacement. While windows can last for more than 30 years with regular and proper maintenance, irreparable damage can occur due to wear and tear.

Cracked, broken, or leaky window frames are both unsafe and ugly. Excessive leakage can lead to the accumulation of moisture and thereby promote the growth of mould and pests. Not to mention the hassle associated with getting a leaky window repaired.

Sometimes, chipped off window paint, scraped frames and excessively scratched glass panes also require replacement. If the structure of your window is noticeably flaking off, get rid of it immediately.

If you can see visible signs of damage on your glass windows, opt for replacement as soon as possible. For the best results, choose uPVC, wooden or aluminium window frames from AIS Windows. The durability and sturdiness of these frames will ensure that you do not have to replace your windows frequently.

Excessive Noise

Residences located on busy streets become a nuisance owing to the external cacophony. Remember, however, that windows and doors are essential soundproofing elements of your home.

Well-constructed glass window frames provide excellent noise insulation and can often eliminate the need for additional soundproofing. With age, however, a window might lose its insulation capacity. Another possibility is that your window was never adequately soundproofed, to begin with. If you can suddenly feel disturbing amounts of noise in your home, check your windows for signs of damage or have it verified by an expert.

If you are looking for optimum noise insulation, opt for excellent-quality window frames from AIS Windows. Our wooden, uPVC and aluminium window frames reduce noise levels considerably, making your home the sanctuary that it is.

Difficulty Operating Windows

Glass window frames are vulnerable to humidity and heat. As a result, they can swell or contract as weather conditions change. While a little change in the frame structure is reasonable, anything that becomes noticeable is problematic.

When repeated swelling and contraction occurs, some gaps might be created between the window frame and the glass or the frame and the walls of your home. This can cause drafts and noise to infiltrate your living space. Sometimes, latches on the frame can also be challenging to close, making your home unsafe.

Always invest in frames that are weather and moisture resistant and do not warp easily.


Not all kinds of condensation are worrisome. In an excessively cold climate, condensation on the inner pane of the window is normal and expected. Similarly, a little condensation on the external pane is common in summers, especially if your home is air-conditioned.

However, if condensation appears between the two glass panes of your window, there is a lack of proper sealing or construction. Replace your glass windows if they facilitate excessive condensation.

Need experts who can handle all your glass window needs? Then, look no further than AIS Windows – a subsidiary of India’s leading integrated glass manufacturer – Asahi India Glass Limited. Our experts offer personalised consultation and keep your style choices and needs in mind while recommending products. Approach us today to get stylish and pragmatic glass windows for your residential and commercial spaces!

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