23 May

Advantages of Aluminium Doors That Everyone Should Know

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 “By opening wide the doors of our hearts we can open our horizons”

Door – an architectural component often perceived in a very casual manner; however, one that can make or break the look and utility of any given space. Doors not only complete the look of any space but they also offer a seamless connection between the glorious outdoors and the cosy indoors, ushering in ample natural light and facilitating proper air circulation.

Of all door designs, aluminium doors have taken precedence among architects and interior designers alike. But, what is the reason for their immense popularity? Let’s find out.

Stability and Strength

Aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which prevents it from denting even when mechanical force is applied intentionally. Its tensile strength makes it a go-to material for optimum privacy, personalisation of design, and ergonomics. Aluminium door designs are widely popular in corporate offices, educational institutions, and residential properties. Their versatility extends to their usage in door and window frames, enclosures, etc.


Aluminium doors withstand anything and everything that is thrown their way. Corrosion, wear-and-tear, moisture, and external pressure simply don’t affect aluminium door designs. Their robust built makes them useful in different kinds of interior designing projects.

Aluminium’s stable and persistent structure enables it to stay brand-new for years and years to come. No wonder why it plays such an active role in modern architecture. Aluminium doors can easily last for decades, and that too, elegantly, subject to the condition that their functionality is not meddled with.

A rust-proof body ensures that aluminium doors can be used as washroom entrances. Steam and even direct water sprinkles don’t affect an aluminium door because of aluminium’s moisture-resistant nature. Aluminium windows and doors manufactured by AIS Windows have a visceral mechanism and they withstand humidity, UV rays, impact, bacteria and mould.


Encompassing properties of thermal and acoustic insulation, aluminium doors guarantee that their environmental impact is slim to none. They prevent any noise from entering into your home or office, which expedites a comfortable and productive living and working experience. Moreover, owing to thermal break technology, modern-day aluminium doors help maintain ideal interior temperatures throughout the year.

In combination with heat-reflective glass, aluminium doors allow ample natural light to invade the space but block the unwanted heat, thereby bringing down energy consumption, and consequently, energy bills.

Ease in Maintenance

The upkeep of exteriors and interiors of infrastructure isn’t easy. It requires periodic cleaning, scratch-prevention, repairs, etc. What if such hassles could be brought down to minimal? Well, aluminium doors also offer the benefit of being practically maintenance-free. All you need to do is wipe aluminium doors with a clean, damp cloth dipped in some window cleaning agent followed by a dry wipe and voila! They will shine for you as bright as day.

Aluminium door designs offered by AIS Windows are of premium-quality and ridiculously low-maintenance.

Astonishing Aesthetics

Modern innovation in fenestration has made it possible for the standard, bland aluminium to take on a whole new look. Aluminium doors look, live, and breathe contemporary luxury, available in a variety of shades, shapes, and sizes; their slim yet robust nature makes for boundless customisations. From huge floor-to-ceiling aluminium doors offering larger-than-life luxury to pocket aluminium sliding doors that can make small homeowners jump for joy, aluminium does have an unmatched aesthetic appeal.  And coupled with glass, it results in an exotic mixture of modern innovation and elegance.

In terms of longevity, aluminium windows and doors are powder-coated rather than just being painted on. This means that you don’t get to worry about any repainting, which is a tedious task in itself. Instead, you can just admire your enchanting aluminium door designs and watch them retain their sheen for years on end.


Being a malleable metal, aluminium can be moulded as per your personal needs. Aluminium windows and doors are available in a wide range of types – from grand French doors to sleek and space-saving sliding doors. Aluminium’s powerful structure enables the architect to finalise an infrastructure’s framework without being restricted by the door’s dimensions. It’s because aluminium can be modified into all shapes and sizes without the risk of losing its properties.


Aluminium leaves value to the environment even after its value comes to an end. Being a metal with one of the easiest recycling processes, aluminium does its part by being an eco-friendly resource. Moreover, the energy consumed during the recycling process is merely five per cent of the initial energy, which adds to its environment savings. What other reasons do we need to accept aluminium as one of the best door materials?

Looking for superior-quality aluminium doors for your residential and commercial projects? Look no further than AIS Windows! Our aluminium window and door designs are highly customisable and can transform any space with their aesthetic appeal. Moreover, despite being slim variants, our aluminium windows and doors are strong, durable, low-maintenance, energy-efficiency, and completely eco-friendly.

So, make haste and choose your aluminium door designs today! Get in touch.

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