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Advantages of Casement Window

Posted 8:59 am, November 5, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Windows

Gone are the days when windows were merely considered to be holes in the walls to make the occupants feel connected with the world outside. Today, they are all that and more! After all, this is the very reason why a variety of window styles are available that suit different needs for aesthetics and functionality. Now, one window style that has been a favourite for over centuries, and there is a good reason for it. Yes, we’re talking about casement windows! Let’s discuss its many advantages.

Glorious Views that You Simply Can’t Resist

Yes, it’s true that this totally depends upon the view your space has to offer, but suppose it were to open up to the glorious city-line or maybe a relaxing beach or even a small lagoon, it would be unfair to miss out on the opportunity of basking in such creation’s glory every chance you get. Thankfully, casement windows won’t allow you to commit such a crime! These windows have no meeting rails or other parts that may obstruct the view – all you then need is a cup of hot chocolate and an interesting novel to make your day complete, every single day.

Let the Whiff of Air Play with Your Hair

Given the design and operating mechanism of casement windows, they make for excellent inlets for air circulation. All the goodness of the fresh air outside can easily rush into your interiors as soon as you push open your casement windows. These windows can even be opened at an angle of 180-degrees for maximum ventilation. Now, all that is left for you to do is to allow the gust of wind to caress your cheeks and play with your hair!

You Will Love to Maintain Them

No matter the object, not many of us are a fan of heavy maintenance hassles – frequent, thorough cleaning causes more nuisance than interfering with your schedule; it can even prove to be abrasive, cutting short your windows’ life. Thankfully, casement windows are not only easy to operate, but this very mechanism of theirs makes them easy to clean and maintain. The crank or handle used to open or close them is easy to operate, and since they mostly open inwards, they can be cleaned easily.

Just remember to have frames such as aluminium or uPVC installed, and you will spare yourself the headache of frequent cleaning.

Exceptional Security that Guarantees Sound Sleep

Among all window styles, casement windows are the safest and the most secure. Wondering how? Well, their operating mechanism features hook-shaped casement locks that are well-embedded within their frames, making it difficult to open them. Plus, for further security, you can have a relevant glass solution installed – say, toughened or laminated glass – that is four to five times more impact-resistant than normal annealed glass and does not break into sharp shards that cause injuries. So, you can enjoy sound sleep knowing that you and your loved ones are well-protected.

However, in case you still can’t sleep tight at night, then what you need is soundproof glass for your casement windows!

No Dearth of Design Options

With casement windows, you will never go wrong, be it for your new home or home renovation. This is because they come in a number of different variants, such as French casements, pushout casements, and those with Colonial grill. So, though it is challenging to find fenestrations that complement your space’s existing architectural style, casement windows will ensure that you never have to be style-backward no matter your design sensibilities.

The Second-Most Energy-Efficient Window Option out There

Well, the most energy-efficient window option out there is fixed or inoperable or picture windows. However, who would want all the fenestration structures of their home or office to be fixed, right? So, when it comes to moveable windows, no other style beats casement windows. This is because these windows feature sashes that press securely against the frame. As a result of this, an airtight seal is created when the windows are closed, which does not allow air/energy exchange to take place. Plus, if you have heat-reflective or low-E glass installed, you take the energy-efficient quotient of your casement windows to the ultimate level.

An important thing to remember here is that ultimately, the efficiency of your casement windows will depend upon the fenestration partner that you choose. This is because improper installation has its own grievous consequences, which eventually suffocates your windows true potential. So, when it comes to installing robust and premium casement windows, you need not look further than AIS Windows – India’s leading fenestration partner.

We offer a vast spectrum of window styles, each in substrates of uPVC, and aluminium. No matter the frame you choose, we can easily customise it in terms of size, shape, and colour to complement the décor of the rest of your space. Our experts offer 360-degree support, right from the stage of product selection up until its installation, even after-sales support. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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