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Why uPVC Doors and Windows are So Popular

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For time immemorial, doors and windows have been an integral part of a space. This is because fenestrations are a greeting to people, and they breathe life into spaces, opening them up to natural light and fresh air. In the ’90s when there weren’t many door and window designs available to choose from, people often used beautiful doormats or accessories in the form of hangings or stickers on the door to make the guests feel welcome.

However, the scenario today is a whole lot different. Doors and windows are essential architectural focal points that score high on functionality without compromising on aesthetics. While different kinds of door and window treatments are still popular, there’s one novel variety of fenestration whose installation alone will leave your space looking chic and put together – uPVC doors and windows!

As for architects, this revolutionary product opened many doors due to its potential benefits. Here is a sneak peek into some of them.

Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident

uPVC doors and windows are your best bet with regard to safety. Wondering what on earth is special about it? uPVC products have an anti-crowbar feature that prevents intruders from breaking in and looting. Further, their frames are made up of galvanised steel for enhanced stability and have fire-resistant properties that are potent for every space in case of sudden fire mishaps.

Can You Stand the Heat?

Most spaces aren’t just about looking good but also about feeling good. And the temperature of a room can play an essential role in the latter. What extreme heat is to summers, extreme cold is to winters – we do not desire either. Maintaining a balanced temperature within a space is, therefore, a matter of high priority.

uPVC doors and windows are good insulators and rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency. This dramatically reduces the need to have heaters or air-conditioners in your room to balance out the temperature. Both the frame and the glass can work in this direction – uPVC as a framing material has low thermal conductivity, and uPVC doors and windows are often well-sealed using high-grade silicone sealants to discourage heat exchange. Plus, when installed with energy-efficient or low-E glass, they become the ultimate thermal comfort solution.

Sound is Good; Cacophony? Not So Much

Do you live right on the main street? Does all the noise in your community bother your daily work? Not anymore! uPVC doors and windows are not just great for thermal comfort, but they also take care of acoustic comfort. This can mainly be achieved by their sealing mechanism, and the use of noise-cancellation or soundproof glass that reduces noise exchange by a whopping 90%!

Durability Is What Makes Anything Great

What use is beauty if it can’t be sustained?

uPVC doors and windows are resistant against UV rays, strong winds, saltwater, or chemicals, dust, and other corrosive elements. This is the secret behind their durability, and hence, longevity. On an average, it is said that these doors and windows remain unharmed for over 25 years, a property that spares you regular maintenance costs. You can keep your uPVC doors and windows spick-and-span by merely wiping them once a week with a clean cloth dipped in a natural window cleaning agent.

Style is Eternal

Looking for a style that complements your personality? You are in luck! uPVC doors and windows come in varied sizes, designs, and shades. That’s not it! These doors and windows can be further customised based on your choice of glass – both for aesthetic and functional requirements.

Some of the popular uPVC window designs include bay, casement, and awning windows that will make your space appealing and vibrant. uPVC doors also come in fun designs like sliding, tilt-and-turn, French, and casement.

Never Refuse to Reuse

Most spaces today are created in an environmental-friendly way, by using construction materials that work towards reducing your carbon footprint and leaving the environment undisturbed. One of the most common ways in which people do this is using recyclable furniture. But why restrict it to your furniture when you can do the same for your doors and windows?

uPVC doors and windows are fully recyclable and phthalate-free. Additionally, they do not need extra coats of paint, rendering them lead-free. The fact that they are energy-efficient, proves that these doors and windows do not leave behind any carbon footprint.

Looking to complement your interior design with stylish premium-quality uPVC doors and windows? Complement the framing material’s strength with equally robust glass solutions from AIS Glass! We are the leading integrated glass manufacturer of India, and as such, we offer specialised glass solutions for different aesthetic and functional needs – privacy, safety, energy-efficiency, acoustic comfort, and more. So, get in touch with our experts today and make the most of our 360-degree support!

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