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Advantages of Acoustic Windows

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Of the many needs of contemporary home and commercial establishment owners, none is more pressing today than that of acoustics. Noise is everywhere, and most of it is frustrating, unnecessary, and thankfully avoidable. We understand that it is natural for you to expect some peace and quiet within the walls of your personal or professional space, but since the problem of noise pollution does not seem to be getting any less, it’s time to make a shift in your perspective. Have acoustic windows installed that will take care of your noise cancellation needs perfectly.

Better Acoustics: From Nice-to-Have to Essential to Sanity

Today, it’s almost laughable that there were times when people associated acoustic insulation simply with a recording studio or maybe a library or healthcare facility. After all, these were spaces that needed that extra dash of silence to work efficiently. Times have indeed changed. With a major chunk of the human population now dwelling in urban areas, efficient functioning of one’s daily life demands peace and solace, something which is almost as rare as a black pearl.

Cities are storehouses of cacophonies; all kinds of it – from blaring horns of vehicles competing to reach their destination, construction work being carried out in the vicinity oh-so-often, passers-by standing and chattering on the streets, and children shouting and playing their most favourite of sports; you name it, and you can find it!

Though such noises are tolerable every once in a while, sometimes even welcome, they become a cause of massive headache when increased in frequency – which is most commonly the case in city areas. Such noise pollution can have adverse effects on one’s physical and mental health, capable of causing stress, fatigue, sleep issues like insomnia, cognitive impairment, tinnitus, and more. Hence, for peaceful sleep, undisturbed conversations, productive work, and quality time with loved ones, acoustic is a big factor to consider for any residential or commercial project.

How Acoustic Windows Solve the Problem

Thankfully, innovation in technology has gifted us with robust and effective acoustic windows that cancel out at least 90% of sound exchange, making the space more livable and workable. Let us dive into its benefits in detail.

Noise Reduction: Stating the Obvious

The number one benefit of acoustic windows lies in their intrinsic nature of being able to cancel out noise. A premium-quality noise-cancelling window is made of acoustic glass, which offers at least 80% sound reduction when compared to standard annealed glass, which offers only 30% acoustics.

In a nutshell, acoustic windows put life into those words, “Relax and unwind.” Plus, they are exceptionally useful for schools, healthcare centres, and corporate offices.

Heightened Security: Stating the Not-So-Obvious

Since acoustic window glass is mostly made of premium laminated glass, it also offers unparalleled levels of safety and security. Laminated glass is nearly four to five times more impact-resistant than normal annealed glass and can withstand intrusions well, especially since it does not really break, but the glass pieces remain stuck to the middle layer of adhesive – the special PVB interlayer. Another benefit of such a property is that there are no threats to one’s well-being owing to sharp glass shards, especially useful for homes with toddlers and infants.

No Condensation Worries

Since acoustic windows are typically well-sealed to limit sound exchange, this feature automatically limits the amount of condensation or moisture that otherwise enter through gaps between the frame and the glass. Naturally, your space’s walls, fabric, flooring, and any wooden structures remain protected that could otherwise get warped or damaged owing to frequent droplet formation.

Acoustic windows are great and all; however, their effectiveness greatly depends upon the fenestration partner that you choose. If you choose a random fenestration provider with limited knowledge and untrained professionals, you risk jeopardising the very property of acoustic windows for which you’re purchasing them in the first place – acoustic insulation!

So, always opt for an experienced and reputed company for your acoustic window installation. To make things easier for you, allow us to introduce ourselves – AIS Windows is a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of India’s largest integrated glass manufacturer, and as such, we are the leading door and window solutions company in the country. Our acoustic windows are available in substrates of uPVC, and aluminium. With us, you get 360-degree support, right from the initial stage of product selection up until installation, even after-sales support. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today for aesthetic and functional fenestration solutions!

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