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22 Apr

5 Hacks to Find Perfect Doors and Windows for Home

Posted 10:57 am, April 22, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: Doors ,Windows

Perfect Doors & Windows for Home

Doors and windows help in making a stunning first impression; they also help in driving up the functionality factor of homes. However, many homeowners find choosing doors and windows to be the hardest part of a home improvement project. Before zeroing on a type of door or window, contemplate on the five pointers listed below –

Figure out the Main Function of a Room

This is a top hack that should help you select the perfect design for your space. Do not choose items based on what is hip or trendy. Figure out the main function of the room you want the doors and windows to be installed in. No point installing bi-folds or French sliding doors in the basement! Clearly define and limit your search scope depending on the amount of space and purpose. Your priority should be to comfortably fit the doors and windows within a room, without having to take down an entire wall.

Choose either a slide or a swing main entrance door depending on which one makes space maximisation possible. The same principle should be followed for fenestration. Choose tilt-and-turn, pivoting, casement, or sliding windows depending on your room’s square footage. Sliding windows take lesser space, but if you have no space crunch, you can go for big windows that swing open. The following two questions can help you get some more clarity on making a choice – What are you going to use the space for? (Lounging, cooking, bathing, sleeping, working, etc.), and how big an area do you want to cover with doors and windows?

Fix Dimensions and Prioritise Materials

Now that you have gained a solid understanding of the purpose for installing said doors and windows, calculate the specific dimensions and research the right materials. Doors and windows today are available in several materials, ranging from wood to metal to vinyl. Again, depending on the purpose of the space, you may need more durable or less durable materials. Exterior windows of your house should be made from durable materials that keep you safe and can withstand all types of weather conditions.

Choose from timber, glass, aluminium, etc. depending on whether the structure is outside or within your home. If you live under humid conditions, it is advisable to choose vinyl or uPVC structures as they look good, and can withstand moisture far better than wood. The ultimate hack is to choose a structure that strikes a balance between security, aesthetics, and functionality.

Choose the Right Frames

Once you have figured out the material and the type of glass for your doors and windows, pick out the right frame. A frame can make or break the entire look of your structure and can significantly impact the décor of your home. With today’s modern advancements, you can also choose frames that are energy-efficient, sound-efficient, maintenance-free, recyclable, and provide maximum security and privacy. Choosing frames simply because of aesthetics can turn disastrous.

If you want a panoramic view of your surroundings, get bay or bow windows installed. You can also get picture windows for great views if you are fine with not opening them.

The most important purpose of a door is to allow easy access between spaces. Make sure that you do not install an exceptionally large door in an exterior room as that would compromise the safety of your family members. Also, ensure that you hire only a trusted brand that honours warranties for the installation of these structures. AIS Windows offer a wealth of fenestration solutions built with Accoya wood that is water, UV, and termite-resistant. We also offer top-quality aluminium and uPVC frames in a host of colours and finishes that are bound to suit your design sensibilities.

Look at Colour Options

Usually, homeowners are tempted to look at colour options first, but this should be the last thing to do on your list. Choose the colour and finish of your doors and windows only after locking in style and material. The colour of the frames will not have any structural effect on your wall. But, it will have a substantial impact on your décor. Make sure to choose a colour and finish that suits both sides of your frame.

Nowadays, you can get your frames painted a different colour on either side. For instance, say your home has a red brick look on the outside, but the insides are predominantly beige. You can get an aluminium frame installed with a red coloured frame on the brick side and a beige coloured frame on the side facing inwards.

Keep Structural Cohesiveness in Mind

Doors and windows have a tremendous impact on not just your home’s aesthetic appeal, but also its resale value. Before committing to a set of designs, ensure that those combinations work well together. A certain type of door or window may fit well in one particular corner of your home, but may not be the best fit for the overall project.

It is a good idea to use a similar style and shape for windows and doors throughout the project to maintain consistency and functionality. For example, if your home has a vintage theme going on with ornate columns; wooden trims or frames will go well with all the doors and windows of your home.

Over to You

If you are looking for exquisite and sturdy doors and windows for your home, turn to AIS Windows. We provide end-to-end solutions for all your fenestration needs. Log on to to book a free consultation today!

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