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AIS Windows: A Trusted uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturing Company

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uPVC Windows & Doors Manufacturing Company

Modern fenestration is all about elegance, practicality and individual style, and nothing encompasses all three better than uPVC doors and window frames. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride is a synthetic construction material showing up in a lot of window and door solutions. However, there are different qualities of uPVC frames available in the market, and not all manufacturers promise excellent quality. With poor uPVC frames, your home or office looks not only shabby, but also needs extra maintenance.

If you want your building to appear sleek, choosing the right uPVC window company is crucial. AIS Windows, a strategic business unit of Asahi India Glass Limited is the best uPVC company for your fenestration needs.

Given below are some advantages of choosing AIS uPVC frames for your building –

Thermal Insulation

Whether it is your home or office, you probably spend thousands every day to keep the temperature comfortable. If you live in regions that face extreme climactic conditions, regulating interior temperature becomes incredibly difficult. Having thermal-insulated windows is extremely helpful in such cases. AIS uPVC windows and doors protect you from exterior heat and lower the energy consumption, and thereby your electricity bills. AIS products are engineered with solar and thermal protection ingredients and are all-weather heat-resistant. To reduce water and air infiltration, the EPDM gaskets and double-sealed mechanisms installed in our uPVC frames ensure holistic heat insulation for your building.

Noise Insulation

Both your personal and professional spaces are incredibly intimate and should have no room for external disturbances. External noise is detrimental to your health and reduces productivity. Thankfully, AIS Windows manufactures uPVC window frames that let you enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your home to the fullest. Our products promise a noise reduction of up to 42 decibels, which constitutes about 94% of total noise. Since we also install fusion-welded and double-sealed mechanisms for our products, the sound influx into your home is further reduced. If you want better insulation in your uPVC windows and doors, opt for AIS acoustic glass in place of regular glass.

Easy Maintenance

Windows and doors are almost permanent fixtures of your home or office. This means they undergo wear-and-tear and should be cleaned and cared for properly. However, no one has the time to deep clean every single door and window every few days. With uPVC frames, maintenance is easier than ever. These frames do not have to be repainted or cleaned extensively and are, therefore, perfect for contemporary buildings.


AIS uPVC window and door frames are incredibly durable, entailing features like moisture, saltwater, chemical, UV and high impact resistance. Since the material is synthetic, it is not vulnerable to damage by termite and pests. Even on exposure to heat, the colour or shine of these frames does not fade. uPVC frames retain their original structure even under fluctuating air pressure. They also do not rot, peel, corrode or scratch easily, thereby keeping your home pristine even after years of their installation.


Most contemporary homes are completely friendly to the environment, and there is no reason for yours to no be, especially when eco-friendly and non-toxic uPVC frame options are available.They are completely lead-free and contain no phthalate and BPA. Moreover, uPVC is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. Due to its long-lasting nature, it does not generate a lot of waste for the environment. Moreover, they can be recycled up to 10 times, making them incredibly environmental-friendly.


With the level of pollution in the environment increasing every day, you must have a pollution-free interior. uPVC frames from AIS block the entry of pollen, dust, and polluted air into your home. This way, you stay healthy and protected.

AIS Windows – India’s Leading Fenestration Company

AIS Windows is India’s trusted uPVC window company, offering holistic solutions to every customer. We believe in an aesthetically pleasing fenestration system for your home and implement customised designs in every project. We understand your requirements and stylistic choices and therefore we offer a large variety of uPVC window and door types including twin sash windows, French doors, top-hung windows, and side-hung windows etc.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units produce uPVC windows and doors that adhere to European standards of quality. Moreover, we also offer a cost advantage to our beloved customers. With our 360 degree integrated fenestration solutions, you do not have to source multiple vendors like carpenters and fabricators. Once you hire our experts, they take care of everything from shopping designing and delivering the uPVC windows and doors of your home, to installing them flawlessly. We will also guide you with proper aftercare for your newly-installed windows and doors. With the perfect mix of high-quality raw materials, trained technicians, and quick turnaround time, we ensure that you get a hassle-free uPVC fenestration experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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