5 Classic Ideas to Design Your Front Window

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Windows on the entryway can add an instant appeal to the front façade of your home. All types of windows provide a sense of openness and usher a great deal of natural light inside. Add style and finesse to your home by adding windows to the very front. Here are a few front window design ideas to complement the architectural character of your home.

Install Grids on French or Casement Windows

Whether you install French windows or casement windows as your front window design, use them with a grid for added visual texture. Grills on the front windows look great and also protect your home from unwarranted intrusion. For added security, install metal grids. However, make sure to get the grill painted in the same colour as your window frames.

Grid frames are installed on the wall with window space and not on the window itself. If you want to install grids on windows that can be opened, go for casement windows. This type of front window design is hinged on one side and can be pushed open in the outward direction. They are generally installed in a pair. Get the grids installed on the inner side of casement windows.

Use Shutters to Control the Flow of light

Window shutters provide both privacy and panoramic vista when needed. They are aesthetically pleasing and can add a vintage charm as your front window design. Shutters can be installed on the outer as well as the inner side of a window. If you live in a neighbourhood that is safe, get the shutters installed on the outside for enhanced architectural appeal. You can choose from the following four types of exterior window shutters – Louvered (most common), panelled, board, batton, and bermuda.

Window shutters come in various materials like MDF (Medium Density Fibre), vinyl, wood, faux wood etc. Go for the ones made from MDF that are covered with vinyl if you are looking for sturdy and durable shutters. These shutters are reasonable but look expensive and do not swell or sag during the rainy months. MDF and vinyl window shutters can be customised in the colour and finish of your choice to match your home’s exterior design.

Experiment With Transoms

A transom is a fixed or a moving window placed above the main window or door. Transoms are great as front window design as they provide extra light, ventilation, and aesthetics. You can also go for an arched transom if you wish to achieve a Victorian look for your exteriors. Transoms can be cut and fit to size with the same material as the window or door below. Here are a few transom front window design ideas that might suit your design sensibilities -Rectangular transom, square transom, arched transom, elliptical transom, triangular transom, and fanned transom.

Transom windows look great in both clear as well as tainted glass panes. Get these structures made from tempered glass for additional safety. You can also install a grid on the inside of a transom window panel. Make sure that the grid’s design is the same colour and style as the window below.

Try Distinctive Window Shapes

There are several unconventional front window designs, shapes, and styles that make a unique statement in your home’s entryway. Try a fixed window shape other than the operational kind. A fixed window does not open but provides ample natural light and energy efficiency when paired with the right kind of glazing. To add continuity and interest to the front fascia of your house, try one of the designs listed below – Clerestory windows, awning windows, circular windows, semi-circular or arched windows, oval windows, diamond-shaped windows, and keyhole windows.

Give your home’s entryway a one-of-a-kind look with out-of-the-box front window designs and styles.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows add a quaint charm to the entryway of your home. Other than imparting a great aesthetic appeal, these front window designs also provide a tonne of privacy without compromising on natural light. Stained glass windows bring in a splash of colour to your exteriors. Get them made from toughened glass for added safety and security of your family members. These windows have an old-world charm to them, and they have been in use in cathedrals and churches worldwide for over thousands of years.

Over to You

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