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Latest Front Door & Window Design Ideas that Add Value to Your Home

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“Do not judge a book by its cover” does not really work in the world of real estate. One of the first things that guests or homebuyers notice about your home is the exteriors. It provides that all-important first impression and certain elements can make the difference between love-at-first-sight and moving-onto-the-next. If you want to make a statement, remodeling your exteriors with trending front door and window design ideas is a smart move to add curb appeal and artistic value to your home.

Why Think about Front doors?

Because first impressions are important! A front door is the first thing that guests and prospective buyers notice when visiting your house. How big or small it is, can leave a lasting impression on visitors. From the outside, front doors are the fenestration that adds to the edifice’s appeal or sabotages it. Besides, front doors are prone to intrusions from burglars. So, the element of security is also attached and must be thought about.

Also, think of the curb appeal. If your front door doesn’t connect with your surroundings, it won’t attract positive attention. And often, an entry door that resonates with its surroundings is more welcoming. Since it is also the main entrance to your home, a front door sets the mood for the rest of the house.

In India especially, front doors are important from a festivals’ standpoint. Be it diyas and rangoli during Diwali, flower decorations during Makar Sakranti and Onam, or lights during Christmas, decorated front doors are a mark of festival celebration.

Front Door Design Ideas

Since there is a wide range of front doors available in the market, choosing a suitable style can be confusing. Therefore, to streamline your selection process, we have listed down the top front door types suitable for almost every exterior outlook.

Classic Wooden Doors

Nothing beats the classic designs! If you’re looking for a style that’s timeless, elegant, yet sturdy at the same time, a wooden front door is your best bet. With wooden front doors, you can even go for bigger frames for a dramatic entrance. After all, a wooden entry door is a new synonym for grandeur.

Front doors with Industrial Finish

In contemporary décor, industrial designs rank high. For homeowners trying to incorporate minimalism, a front door with combined steel, brass, or glass elements can enhance the visual appeal. It will offer a restrained yet refined look that reflects modern sensibility well.

Go for the Glass Glamour

Recently, glass has become an indispensable element in architectural designs. And front doors are no exception. Glass front doors may seem unconventional; but, that’s the appeal, right? Plus, glass benefits include easy maintenance, enhanced lighting conditions, and better ventilation.

Furthermore, glass has undergone several technological advancements. Front doors made of processed glass are stronger, more durable, weather-proof, energy-efficient, acoustic-insulated, and invulnerable to impact, depending upon the type of glass used.

A Burst of Colour 

In the past, bright-colored front doors would’ve come across as daring and out-of-place. However, in 2020, they are embraced as vibrant and beautiful. Don’t be shy, if you want to paint the front door red, teal, orange, or blue – do it. There are no restrictions. How? Well, with the help of back-painted glass! The colors combined with the intrinsic sheen of glass will make for an impressive first impression.

Grey Stains and Glazing

This season, front doors with grey stains and glazing are extremely popular. The muted and understated elegance of grey is a contemporary winner. If you’re searching for front door designs that are simple and laidback, this is a viable option. Best of all, grey-stained front doors complement both urban simplicity and vintage appeal.

Customizable Front doors

Nowadays, many homeowners are switching to custom front doors. With custom front doors, you have the freedom to choose the design, color, and size, based on your style preference. So there’s a definite design advantage with custom doors. Moreover, they can be personalized, unlike the stock front doors. Depending on your needs, you could couple different elements, not just in terms of aesthetics but also the functionality. For example – choose energy-efficient glass or frosted glass or smart glass, etc.

Why pay attention to front windows?

To move away from the button-down look offered by standard windows, homeowners are looking to invite more light and contemporary character into their homes. On the exterior, windows help break up large areas and create an attractive focal point. Large and plentiful front window designs or small and intricate ones have constantly been a result of changing architecture and home design trends over time.

From bold colors to unique shapes, iconic Victorian designs to modern minimalistic ones, there are many ways to make your home stand out. Here are some front window design ideas to do just that!

Installing Grids to Add Texture

Adding generous amounts of glass around your entry door with French windows or casement windows will bring lots of light into the interiors. Using these window styles with a grid provides visual texture to your exteriors. Grills on the front windows not only look great but also guard your home against unwarranted intrusion. For added security, install metal grids. You can get these grids painted in unique colors to complement front window designs and frames.

Grid frames are mostly installed on the wall with window spaces. If you want to put grids on windows that can be opened, you can opt for casement windows. Since casement windows are hinged on sides and can be pushed in the outward direction, you can build grids on their inner side. 

Adding Shutters for Controlled Lighting

Framing your front window with shutter solutions can add an elegant tone to the exteriors of your precious abode. Shutters that subtly frame the entryway windows usher in sufficient amounts of natural light into the hallway and lobby area while also providing adequate privacy. They are artistically pleasing and will add a vintage charm to your home as your front window design.

Shutters suit both the interior and exterior décor and can be installed on either side of a window. You can opt from Louvered (most common), paneled, board, baton, and Bermuda as an exterior window shutter. Get brightly colored shutters set up on the outside of your window for accentuated visual appeal.

Transforming the Entryway Design with Transoms

Entry windows are used to flank the door or complement them by being high up near the roof of your home, but they can be directly above the door, too. A half-round, semi-oval or arched transom unit can be the perfect topper to create an elegant entry to a Victorian-themed classical home or even a modernist one – carte blanche!

Transoms are narrow-shaped windows mostly installed above standard windows or doors. They create a focal point on the entrance while providing extra light, ventilation, and aesthetics. Typically found in a semicircular shape, they can also be square, rectangular, arched, elliptical, triangular, or fanned. Transoms can be fit to size with the same material as the window or door below to enhance the visual length.

Transom windows feature both clear and stained glass panes. You can get transom windows made from tempered glass for extra safety. Grids can be installed on them to suit the style and color of the front window design below.

Trying Diverse Window Shapes

You can use windows with different shapes and sizes to make a statement in your entryway. Some of the unique front window designs to add flair to your entryway include skylight windows, awning windows, and clerestory windows. You can also install windows to fill gables and follow the roofline, thereby allowing more light into your hallway. Clerestory windows, positioned high on the wall, can be perfect in adding a sense of space to the home.

Using unconventional window shapes can add a dramatic effect to your front exterior. Other than the usual circular, semi-round, oval, arched top, square, and rectangular, you can also use diamond, quatrefoil, and keyhole shapes. Mixing these shapes with decorative grid work, or using different shapes together throughout the entryway to complement your home’s decor can add intrigue to it unlike any other.

Dividing Large Doors and Windows with Muntins

Since French windows have become a popular choice for entry exteriors, you can use muntins, which are thin strips that help divide these windows into multiple sets. You can create square, rectangular, curved diamonds, and several grid patterns with these. Muntins help in adding a unique dimension to gargantuan front windows.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows add a quaint charm to the entryway of your home. Other than imparting a great aesthetic appeal, these front window designs also provide a tonne of privacy without compromising on natural light. Stained glass windows bring in a splash of color to your exteriors. Get them made from toughened glass for added safety and security for your family members. These windows have an old-world charm to them, and they have been in use in cathedrals and churches worldwide for thousands of years.

Tips for Choosing Your Front Window Design

Look at Different Window Shapes and Designs

Choosing the right kind of front window design will add individuality to your space that truly resonates with your style. Therefore, consider and look through various shapes and designs before making your decision and pick one that you love.

Consider the Airflow

One of the most vital functions of windows is to regulate the airflow and induce cross-ventilation into your beautiful home. This makes the atmosphere fresh and light inside your house as opposed to stuffy and uncomfortable. While choosing a front window design, it is crucial that you choose a variant that lets in the right amount of air to keep the environment cozy and comfortable.

Keep Aesthetics and Architecture in Mind

The architecture of the house is a big factor in choosing a window design as a renaissance-styled window will not work for a building with modern architecture. Similarly, the aesthetics of the interiors must also be considered while choosing an elaborate or minimalist-style window frame. This will bring all the different elements of the interior and exterior of the house together and create visual harmony.

Don’t Forget About Safety

It is easy to get carried away and only look at the aesthetic appeal of a front window design, but the truth is that one must always consider a secure and safe option for a front window as you don’t want any unwanted intruders and burglars. Opt for a practical and secure window design with a strong locking system to add extra security to your home.

An entryway is so much more than just a door coupled with topiaries and hedges, so when looking for the perfect front window and door design to add grace and grandeur to your home, turn to AIS Windows! At AIS Windows, we offer a plethora of appealing front window and door designs. Our extensive range of products is available in wood, uPVC, and aluminium substrates.

Our experts will not only help you make the perfect design choice but will also take care of the quality installation and total after-sales support. So, get in touch with us today!

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