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14 Oct

Which Variant of Sliding Doors are the Perfect Fit for You?

Posted 12:04 pm, October 14, 2019 by AIS Windows / Category: Doors

Door design for home

Gone are the days when you faced limitations to choose between beauty and efficiency for your personal space. The world of interiors has truly advanced to help you build the space that is a seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality. The doors have taken inspiration from modern architecture and aesthetics to build your perfect home.

Whether you live in a cosy apartment and need to create a space with maximum utility or just want to spruce up the workplace, sliding doors are the perfect choice for all. Owing to their efficiency, sliding doors have become a popular trend amongst several interior designers.

The Popularity of Sliding Doors

A recent study revealed the sliding door market grew at the rate of 3% and is estimated to grow by 4% annually.[1] Despite being a niche product in a relatively huge market, sliding doors have become the top pick amongst the crowd. The reason for this constant upward graph is the versatility and functionality that sliding doors have to offer while instantly adding a touch of class and sophistication that the room requires. They can be used to jazz up the interior and exterior of the homes and commercial spaces such as restaurants and offices for a dash of glam.

With the boom in the sliding door market, the industry recognised the need to invent new designs that are creative and practical at the same time. They set out on a mission to create sliding doors that are perfect for every setting without compromising on quality. To achieve this objective, the industry adapted to the needs of the common man and grew exponentially to provide an ideal sliding door for every occasion.

Want to install stylish sliding doors in your space? Take a peek at our exclusive guide to get acquainted with the different variants of sliding doors and find the perfect fit for you.

Patio Doors

If you own a big home with a backyard, this style is perfect for you. Patio doors are the classic representation of sliding doors and often synonymous with one another. For people looking to renovate their patio, ornate sliding doors can spruce the exteriors and interiors of your home. People living in areas with harsh weather conditions may be better off with more durable choices with thick glass panels and a sturdy frame. uPVC sliding doors are the best choice for the outdoors as they are highly durable, does not corrode and can withstand direct heat and rain.

Central opening slider Doors

This classic door can instantly elevate the look and feel of any place. These sliding doors open from the centre in a swinging manner and are perfect for creating the illusion of an open, vibrant space. You can replace the doors in the conference rooms with Central opening slider and create a luxurious space to impress all your clients at first sight. If you own a beach house or have a pool in your home, install central opening sliding doors that face the view for effortless glam. 

Lift and Slide Door

Lift and sliding doors are apt for large terraces as they can be opened easily and most conveniently. Lift and sliding doors do not have a tilt function; this means the window elements are opened via rails that facilitates a barrier-free transition. These doors are highly stable, have a high resistance to wind, water tightness and thermal insulation, achieved by the virtue of 4 chamber technique.

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