Different Types Of uPVC windows

uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are acclaimed the world over owing to their durability and several applications. When compared to aluminium and wooden windows, they are immune to climatic changes as uPVC is reinforced with galvanised steel to make the frames an all-weather option for homeowners.

Besides aluminium windows and wooden windows, we are one of the leading uPVC window manufacturers in a variety of options. We manufacture French Windows, Two Sash Windows, Sliding Windows, Sliding & Folding Windows, Tilt & Turn Windows, Combination Windows, Lift & Slide Windows and Arched Windows. We offer the best value for money uPVC windows solutions across the country. With an extensive range of high-quality frames and excellent services, you can rest assured that our uPVC frames will last for generations apart from providing security against burglaries, harsh weather conditions while maintaining an optimal room temperature.

Double Hung Window

Also known as a Top Hung Window, a double hung window features two independent sashes that are located one beneath the other. Unlike most windows, the sashes do not open outwards or inwards, rather they move vertically within the window frame. This window design opens wider than most frames and provides better ventilation. The traditional look of the double hung window elevates home décor. Since the sashes move up and down, an air conditioner can easily be installed in this window type. While sash windows are heavy and hard to operate, our uPVC window design makes it light and durable so that it can be opened and closed easily.

Sliding Window

A Sliding Window consists of two or more sashes that are placed on a track and open horizontally. The sashes slide on rollers, which is why a sliding window is very easy to operate and therefore, a common choice for both houses and offices. It is available in wooden, uPVC and aluminium window frames. This window design works well for hard-to-reach places because you can open it even with the push of a finger. Since it has large sashes with no sash bars, your room will be bestowed with an unobstructed view of the outdoors. It allows ample light to enter even when closed. Our Sliding uPVC window offers a perfect blend of style, function, and durability, and the uPVC window price is worth the investment.

Casement Window

Casement window is an elegant and extremely popular option among home owners. The sashes are hinged on the side and open inwards or outwards. You can customise it as per your requirements which makes it highly accessible and therefore, functional. It can be customized and installed in offices to create more appealing interiors for increasing employee morale, productivity and efficiency. We offer Single Sash Casement Outward Window, Single Sash Casement Inward Window, Double Sash Casement Outward Window, and Double Sash Casement Inward Window. Expect the best uPVC window prices at AIS Windows.

Combination Window

A Combination window, as the name suggests, is a combination of different types of windows. It is a popular choice as it provides great ventilation and allows ample natural light to enter large rooms. Hence, it is a good choice for offices. An integration of Sliding, Casement and Fixed windows, it is an architectural masterpiece. This uPVC window design makes the room look more spacious and offers a panoramic view of the outdoors. We are one of the leading uPVC window manufacturers with an exquisite range of combination windows for your houses, offices or other buildings.

Tilt & Turn Window

A Tilt & Turn Window is available in uPVC, wooden or aluminium window frames. This uPVC window design offers simplicity, versatility. Furthermore, it is a stylish and innovative solution for a domestic makeover. This uPVC window cost is worth the investment. It has a very simple build and hence, you can easily reach every corner to clean them. Elevate the look of your house with our Tilt & Turn Windows.

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