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23 Jun

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

Posted 7:35 am, June 23, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows

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Doors and windows – elements without which any residential or commercial space can never be complete. However, we are not currently living in times wherein simply having a door and some windows is the answer. Technological advancements have made it possible to install windows that meet different functional needs – space-maximisation, energy-efficiency, pollution control, safety, protection from the element, and more.

As such, a host of window styles, glass types, and framing materials are available in the fenestration market. One such highly functional and popular window style is the uPVC tilt and turn windows. Let us find out all about them.

Tilt and Turn Window: How do They Work?

Known for their unique design, tilt-and-turn windows are the perfect blend of unmatched aesthetics and intelligent operability. These windows are incredibly practical as they can be opened in two ways, depending on how you want your window to function. The tilt-and-turn window can be opened fully by swinging it inwards from the hinges at the side like an in-swing casement window. They can also be opened by tilting the top of the window and opening it inwards at an angle as you do with a hopper window for increased ventilation and at times when the weather outside is turbulent.

Benefits of Installing uPVC Tilt-and-Turn Windows 

Now that you have gotten a clear picture of what tilt-and-turn windows are and how they operate, let us get to know the many benefits that this window type has to offer when combined with a robust material such as uPVC.


As tilt and turn windows can fully open into the interior due to their unique design, it becomes incredibly easy to clean both the inside and the outside. This proves to be advantageous, especially if these windows are installed in high-rise buildings or the top-storey of your mansion. But, when these windows are combined with uPVC, they require very little maintenance; only a wipe with a clean dust cloth every now and then to make them as new as day. However, for deep cleaning your uPVC tilt and turn windows, you can first clean with a cloth dipped in soapy solution, and then re-wiped using a dry cloth.


uPVC tilt and turn windows can cope against the most extreme weather conditions and are also not affected by corrosion or termites. This is because unplasticised Poly-Vinyl-Chloride (uPVC) is a highly durable material. uPVC is a new-age material that no amount of harsh and prolonged sun exposure or UV rays can deteriorate or fade. This ultimately means that your uPVC tilt and turn windows can easily last you a lifetime.


Energy-efficiency is an essential concern for anyone looking to install new windows in their property. Tilt and turn windows combined with uPVC can make your interiors remarkably energy-efficient. uPVC frames come with fusion-welded joints and silicone sealants to create airtight window frames. This helps regulate indoor temperature by preventing the warmth of your space from escaping through gaps in frames. uPVC tilt and turn windows will help maintain ideal indoor temperature throughout the year.

Furthermore, if you pair your uPVC tilt and turn windows with a low-E glass or an energy-efficient glass, then your property can become even more energy-efficient. Low-E glass is excellent at trapping heat and keeping your home warm during winters. During summers, it keeps the interiors cool by reflecting the sun’s heat away, further making your home more energy-efficient and reducing utility bills.

High Security and Safety

uPVC profiles are known to be robust and sturdy. Along with this, uPVC window frames come with multipoint locking systems that can prevent an intruder from breaking in. Not only security but uPVC tilt and turn windows also increase the safety quotient of your property. This dual functionality of uPVC tilt and turn windows allows you to tilt the windows inward just a small amount for air circulation. This becomes quite beneficial for homes with small children as you can ventilate the house without the danger of children falling out of the window. The tilted opening also has the added benefit of increased security as no one can fit through the gap. However, during emergencies, these windows can also be opened fully so that they work as a convenient escape route.

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