Different Types Of uPVC windows

uPVC Doors

Quality doors are the foremost component for building an elegant house. Investing in doors that are sturdy as well enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house is essential. So, whether you are looking for a balcony or a front door, check out the wide range offered by AIS Windows. We are the leading uPVC door manufacturers in India with quintessential doors for your office, villas or apartments.

uPVC frames offer heat resilience and high durability, which is why they are globally acclaimed. We deal in exquisite designs that make home décor a breeze. AIS Windows is the leading modern uPVC door manufacturers with array of choices ranging from traditional designs to contemporary styles like uPVC French doors, Sliding Doors, etc.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can be customised to suit varying needs and they are easy-to-operate. They consist of two or more sashes that are placed on a track and move horizontally. They have various applications, which is why they are the most commonly used door types. A sliding door is perfect for conference rooms in compact offices as it saves space by not opening inwards or outwards. This quality helps in organising the space well. For rooms that require ample ventilation and lighting, this uPVC door design is an ideal choice.

French Doors

One of the most stylish frames of all time, uPVC French doors are a timeless classic. They consist of two sashes hinged from the edges and open outwards or inwards. They feature glass that extends all the way from the top to bottom taking up the entire length of the frame and allowing a clear and unobstructed view of the outdoors.

A uPVC French door is perfect for balconies or patios as it allows ample amount of sunlight and air to enter the house. Also, the aesthetically appealing design gives the house a modern makeover.

Lift & Slide Doors

Lift & Slide are large and heavy doors that are placed on a track and can easily be moved from left to right like a sliding door. They feature large, insulated glass sashes that allow ample light to enter the room. The uPVC glass door features a handle that controls its lock system. When the handle is moved 180°, the door seamlessly glides on the track. The lock system provides better insulation as it completely seals off the room from the outside environment.

Commonly used as a patio door, Lift & Slide Door is available in wood, metallic and uPVC grained finishes. Since it does not open inwards or outwards, the room appears more spacious and stylish. AIS Windows offers the best uPVC door prices in India.

Casement Doors

A Casement Door is a modern type that adds character to your house. Hinged from the sides, it opens on the outside. Equipped with multiple locking systems, it keeps you safe from burglars and robbers. Its mechanism allows the door to open much wider than other doors and provides better ventilation inside the room.

Long rectangular glass sashes allow sufficient light to enter the room and make the interiors appear brighter and spacious. They are highly durable uPVC door designs that require low maintenance, which is why they are ideal for every space alike.

Advantages of uPVC windows and doors

The use of uPVC windows or unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, has made windows and frames stronger, more durable and long lasting. AIS Windows guarantees you the best options when it comes to uPVC doors and windows. There are many advantages of using uPVC frames:

  • It is weatherproof and handles weather changes without any damage.
  • Their maintenance is low cost and limited.
  • They keep your house sound proof and provide insulation.
  • They are known for their durability and the material is very difficult to break.
  • They do not rot or corrode at all.
  • They also assist in providing cross ventilation in the house.

With the installation of uPVC windows in your house, you can be rest assured that they will remain intact for a really long time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is uPVC?

uPVC is un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride, a sturdy, lightweight plastic that is used for construction purposes. It is commonly used to manufacture windows and doors to add extra strength.

Why choose uPVC?

uPVC is ideal for doors and windows because it is efficient, soundproof, and heat resilient. They do not fade due to exposure to UV rays and are recyclable. Also, uPVC doors cost less and are worth the investment.

What are uPVC doors?

uPVC is a type of plastic used to manufacture doors. uPVC makes the doors highly durable. When wrought in uPVC, they can withstand storms, offer insulation properties and sound proofing simultaneously. uPVC door companies manufacture designer uPVC glass doors that blend perfectly with home décor and add character to it.

How to choose the ideal uPVC manufacturer?

Compare uPVC door prices in India offered by various manufacturers before you take a decision. AIS Windows offer the best uPVC door cost for immaculate uPVC, wooden and aluminium frames.

How long does it take to install uPVC doors and windows?

It really depends on the skill of technicians. Professionals like AIS Windows can install uPVC doors and windows at your homes or offices offering hassle free experience to our customers.