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17 Jul

uPVC Doors: A Simplified Buying Guide

Posted 5:35 am, July 17, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Doors

uPVC Casement Door

Modern fenestration solutions emphasise both form and function – a characteristic prominent amongst uPVC doors. However, the buying process can be confusing, especially if you do not know much about the fenestration market. Fret not; we got you covered! This simplified uPVC buying guide will streamline your door buying experience.

Why uPVC Doors have a Formidable Presence in the Market Today

 uPVC doors are the most sought-after doors in the market today. Given the benefits like unmatched strength, economical pricing, superior insulation, minimal maintenance, and more, it’s no surprise that uPVC doors are so popular.

Besides, uPVC doors are highly energy-efficient, all-weather resistant, and stylish alternatives to conventional door choices. Available at affordable rates, they are highly durable. Did you know they can last up to 50 years and more?

What’s more, uPVC doors are available in a wide range of styles and colours. No matter your décor choices, uPVC doors can complement them all.

Want to buy premium-quality uPVC doors? Always consider the following factors first.

 House-Specific Needs

 Your fenestration needs will depend on the climatic conditions of the region you reside in. For those living in tropical climate zones, uPVC doors with double-glazing solutions are suitable as they keep your indoors cool and prevent heat gain. Likewise, pay attention to factors like noise, durability, and maintenance, before finalising the uPVC door purchase.

 Safety First, Always

 Good uPVC doors come with advanced security mechanisms. Do not buy the door if the material of the handle is corroded or rusted. Look for top-notch hardware only. Finally, you should buy a uPVC door with a single or multi-point locking mechanism, based on your security requirements.

Fabrication Quality 

Buy a well-furnished uPVC door only. Inspect the door for surface scratches. Keep an eye out for any hairline cracks or punctures in the frame or sash as they can affect the functionality of the door. Ensure consistency of workmanship in the door’s built. All the corners of the uPVC door should be clean and precise. Lastly, be wary of the door handles’ height. Make sure it is appropriate for the door size.

Placement of Gaskets

Gaskets are essential features in uPVC doors. They are useful in cutting down the infiltration of air, water, smog, etc. Make sure they are adequately secured – not too tight or loose – for best performance. Moreover, the gasket corners should not have any gaps to ensure smooth operation for a long time. 

Type of Glazing 

Going for a uPVC glass door design? Use an appropriate glazing solution for better thermal insulation, aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and more. To ensure maximum security, you can opt for a tempered or laminated glazing solution. As it is resistant to impact, it can withstand stress easily. And even if the glass breaks, it either shatters into blunt, cube-like pieces or remains stuck to a special PVB interlayer, respectively, for utmost safety. 

Quality of Hardware 

Check the correctness of the handle – the quality, colour, and alignments must be proper. Also, look out for design-specific operations. For instance, the shutter overlaps should be equal in a sliding design; the shutter movements should be smooth and fast. Lastly, you should always look out for missing or loose hardware elements. 

Warranty Period 

Different suppliers offer different warranty periods based on different terms and conditions. On average, you can score a warranty period of 10 years, with an additional 1-2 years warranty on the hardware. Any damages like broken handles, leaks, drafts, or slider issues are covered under the hardware warranty. For a longer warranty period, stick to reputed suppliers only. 

Get the Aesthetics Right 

uPVC doors offer excellent design flexibility, so choices are endless – from casement doors, sliding doors, French doors, to Dutch doors, and many more. Based on your décor style, choose an appropriate door design to alleviate your home’s visual appeal. uPVC doors can be powder-coated to match any colour scheme. The style options are comprehensive and varied.

Professional Installation 

Like the quality of your uPVC door, the quality of your installation should be top-notch. Otherwise, buying a high-quality uPVC door is of no avail. Make sure to employ professionals only. Installation, when done using the right tools, sealant, and expertise, will deliver highly functional uPVC doors.

Lastly, Check for Post-Installation Errors 

Once the uPVC door is installed, you should look out for post-installation errors. There should be no gaps between the door and the frame. The seal used for the door frame should be intact. Also, be wary of air seepage and operational failures. The opening and closing functions should be smooth. Get your door inspected or repaired if you find any errors in the installation process. 

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