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Are Sliding Windows the Right Choice For Your Living Room?

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Are Sliding Windows the Right Choice

Undoubtedly, the living room is the centrepiece of your home. It is where people gather, whether it’s just you and your family watching TV or where you attend to your guests. Simply put, the living room is the hub of family activities for you and your family and the face of your house for visitors. As the living room is the focal point of your home, the windows for your living room must be up to the mark. The living room windows should be efficient enough to keep the room comfortable. Moreover, they should be able to usher in lots of natural light and be easily operable. As the living room is such a vital spot of your home, you should opt for a window style that will not only increase the style quotient but also enhance the functionality of the living room.

There are various types of window styles available in the market, but hands down the best of the lot that can also be the perfect fit for your living room is the sliding window.

What is a Sliding Window?

sliding window consists of sashes that glide back and forth along a horizontal track to open and close. You can push the sliding window to the left or the right to use it. Depending on the variant, one or both window panes of a sliding window can be operable.

Reasons Why a Sliding Window is Perfect for Your Living Rooms

Unobstructed Views

One of the best qualities of a sliding window is that they can offer an unobstructed panoramic view of the outdoors. A sliding window tends to be wider than other window styles, which is why they can provide an expansive view of the outside. So, if you have a lush garden outside your home or the beautiful cityscape, incorporating sliding windows in your living room will allow you to enjoy the view to the fullest. This window style also allows you to have an ever-changing backdrop in your living room, thus increasing the visual appeal of your home.

Extremely Easy to Maintain

Sliding windows are the easiest to operate because of their simple design. These windows have fewer moving parts which make them low-maintenance by design. Sliding windows don’t have any pulleys or strings that will need regular maintenance for proper operation. Since there are so few window components, it becomes quite easy to manage these windows as they don’t need any regular upkeep. All you are needed to do is lubricate the slider from time to time and clean out any dirt or debris that gets accumulated in the window track. If the sliding windows use high-grade glass and are properly installed, you don’t have to worry about heavy upkeep to maintain their functionality. This automatically becomes good news for your wallet.


When you pair your living room sliding windows with Low-E glassyou can make an energy-efficient zone in your living room. Sliding windows with Low-E glass can keep your living room cool by reflecting the sun’s heat away during the summer months. During winters, Low-E glass can trap interior heat and keep the interiors warm. This will ensure that an ideal temperature is maintained in your living room throughout the year. This will significantly reduce the usage of cooling and heating systems, which will automatically cut down your monthly utility bills. Low-E glass can also protect your living room interiors from the harmful UV rays and the sun’s glare. Furthermore, a sliding window is designed to seal tightly when they are shut, which blocks air infiltration from outside.

Abundant Natural Light and Proper Ventilation

Installing sliding windows in your living room will allow you to enjoy ample amounts of natural light during daytime. The larger is the sliding window, the more natural light will usher in. This will reduce the usage of artificial lights during the day. The natural light will make your living room look bring, cosy and inviting. Along with allowing you to enjoy natural light, sliding windows also aid in proper air circulation. When these windows are open, you can enjoy fresh air in the living room.

The host of benefits that you can enjoy by installing sliding windows in your living room is worth more than the sliding window price that you’ll pay, which is why you should get sliding windows installed in your living rooms.

Choose the Right Material

When going for sliding windows for your living room, you should ensure that the sliding window frames suit your space. Given below are few of the window frame materials that you can opt for your sliding window.

uPVC Sliding Windows

uPVC sliding windows are low on maintenance and high on aesthetic appeal. uPVC is an insulator, meaning that it doesn’t enable heat transfer through the frames. uPVC frames, when coupled with Low-E glass, can provide energy efficiency and thermal comfort in your living room. Moreover, uPVC has a long product life as they are not affected by corrosion and are termite-proof.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Due to aluminium’s corrosion-resistant property, aluminium sliding windows don’t rust, and they are quite durable. Moreover, as aluminium is a low-density metal and is inherently strong, slim, yet strong aluminium frames for windows can easily be made. This allows you to increase the glass pane area inside the window. Moreover, due to thermal-break technology, aluminium sliding windows can offer excellent insulation. If you pair them with Low-E glass, they can make your living room energy-efficient.

If you are looking to install a sliding window or sliding doors in your home, turn to AIS Windows. AIS Windows offers sliding windows in uPVC, wood and aluminium substrates. We can also customise the sliding window design according to your needs. Furthermore, we follow international manufacturing standards to ensure high-quality products. We also offer 360-degree fenestration solutions, from the selection stage to the after-sales support.

So, contact us today!

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