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Top 5 Signs to Replace Your Home with Soundproof Doors

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Soundproof Doors For Home

More often than not, people tend to pass over noise pollution as a matter of little importance. Other forms of pollution –air, water, and soil – are hyped but the thought that sound pollution can lead to severe physiological and mental health issues such as high stress and depression levels, hypertension, irritability, mood swings, sleep disturbances, tinnitus, among other harmful conditions, never crosses our minds. But a study published in the Guardian found that living on a noisy street correlated with a 25% increase in cases of depression.

Several studies have concluded that reducing noise pollution around us has a positive impact on our physical health and mental well-being. Cutting out excessive noise from our lives decreases the risks of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Therefore, finding ways to reduce noise pollution is critical to one’s happiness, comfort, and general well-being. If you are planning to noise-proof a room, then it is crucial to install sound proof doors. It is through the door that bulk noise comes in or goes out. Just by soundproofing the door, the majority of the noise will die down.

When Do You Need Soundproofing?

Getting sound proof doors installed becomes imperative under the following circumstances –

Noisy Vicinity

If your residence or office faces a noisy and bustling end of the main street with horns honking, dogs barking, and kids squealing on the roads, then it is time to have sound proof doors installed in your rooms.

Work from Home

If you work from home and require high concentration levels, then you need to avoid getting distracted by elements causing noise pollution. Getting sound proof doors installed can prove to be a lifesaver, especially in this case. Noise pollution should be the last reason why you miss a deadline. Moreover, a published study conducted by Dr. David M. Sykes shows that when distractions are removed from a work area, productivity goes up by 48%, and stress goes down by 27%.

Sound Artists

If your work requires creating videos or recording music, then the sound of a car honking in the background sure won’t sound professional, right? Moreover, you wouldn’t want your music disturbing your neighbours either. A sound proof door is essential in such cases. In recording studios, doors are typically the largest source of sound leakage. A soundproof door allows you to shut out the world and focus on the task at hand.

Boisterous Neighbours

Even the most luxe condominiums fall prey to this situation. Nothing can be worse than you being able to hear your neighbours howling or listening to loud music or playing out-of-tune musical instruments at odd hours. In such cases, a sound proof door is all you need to give yourself some silence and tranquillity.

Sound Lovers

One should be free to choose a lifestyle that makes them happy. If you happen to be an extrovert who enjoys throwing delightful, high-end parties at your place or listening to loud music, then you should be able to do it, though not at the expense of your neighbours. And this is why having sound proof doors installed would work wonderfully in such situations.

Soundproofing a Door Is Critical

If you own or work inside a music studio, then it is advisable to have sound proof doors, walls, and windows. But such elaborate soundproofing is not required if you simply need to cull ambient noise. In such setups, soundproofing a door is usually enough. The door is where the wall has a gap. Space around the sides and the floor of the door are where maximum noise comes in from. Additionally, several interior doors have a weaker core which also allows sound to pass through. This is why soundproofing just the door will significantly cancel noise.

There are several ancillary benefits of sound proof doors – They provide thermal-insulation and thereby are energy-efficient, keep out harmful pollutants, do not allow moisture to creep inside, and improve the real-estate value of your property.

Glass as a Material for Soundproofing

Installing sound proof doors is an easy and effective way to reduce excessive noise significantly. One does not need to structurally alter a space to fit a soundproofed glass door. Noise-proofing can be achieved by using a thick laminated glass door with a specialised PVB layer. This type of glass has exceptional properties that absorb sound and can reduce exterior noise by up to 90%, which is a 60% improvement over an ordinary 5mm glass. This type of glass will prove to be an ideal solution for residential properties as well as commercial enclaves.

Choose Professional Installation

Install sound proof doors in bedrooms, office spaces, meeting rooms, recording studios, and live and work uninterrupted. Get soundproofed doors professionally installed at AIS Windows. Our expert team can bring you customised noise-proofing solutions for your residential or commercial spaces. We manufacture sound proof doors that have a specialised PVB layer acting as a sound barrier and reducing noise up to 42 decibels. You can also choose from a wide variety of frames for your soundproofed doors to gel well with your spatial aesthetics. Do not let the external factors that are out of your control destroy your peace and calm. Get soundproof today! Get in touch with us.

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