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Tips to Choose Front Window Design

Posted 7:33 am, December 20, 2020 by Satish Garg / Category: Windows

Windows formform a vital part of your home and play an essential role in the aesthetics as well as technical aspects of it. There is nothing better and more comforting than opening your window and taking in the soft cold wind while listening to Mohammad Rafi on a breezy day or witnessing the rain and watching water droplets fall seamlessly on the glass from your shut window. Sitting near your window and sipping a cup of hot chocolate while reading a timeless novel makes up for a fine winter afternoon. Thus, windows are an essential component of your home as they add personality along with functionality to its design.
From an architectural perspective, windows are an easy way of adding value to a simple design. After all, a magical view can sometimes make up for less space or a stuffy kitchen. Besides, the exterior of a house can be drastically transformed by just adding or changing the window design, especially the front window design.
However, how should one choose the right front window design? Given below are some popular options.

Trendy Front Window Designs
French Windows
One of the most secure designs for front windows is the French window design that has a larger opening, which provides the best view. These windows are aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and sturdy.

Twin Sash Windows
These windows are robust and strong and do not require repainting as they retain their colour and shape for a long time. They also provide good security and classic retro looks.

Slider Windows
The frame or sash of this front window design can slide back and forth for easy access and a minimalist look. These window frames are low-maintenance and suitable for smaller houses, hospitals, and hotel rooms.

Tilt-and-Turn Windows
The perfect blend of practical design and smart aesthetics, these windows tilt the top of the sash and open inwards at an angle best-suited for ventilation purposes. This front window design provides excellent security and is very resistant to weather elements.

Fixed Windows
Usually installed at a height where an ample amount of sunlight can enter, these windows are fixed and don’t have any operable parts. They are the best choice for kitchens, bathrooms, air-conditioned bedrooms, and living rooms with stairwells.

Top-Hung Windows
A standard British front window design, the frame of top-hung windows, is attached to the casement with a hinge on the top side of the casement, which allows the window to swing open outward.

Side-Hung Windows
The frame is attached to the windowssh with a hinge either on the left or on the right side of the casement. Depending on the requirement, the window can be designed to open either inwards or outwards. These windows are a common choice for residential spaces and low-rise buildings.

Glass-to-Glass Windows
They are also known as glass-corner windows and are one of the most aesthetically appealing front window designs. These windows feature glass panes meeting at an angle of 90-degrees. It is a fixed window giving a sense of continuity in the glass and creating a sense of space and completeness. This design allows a panoramic view along with an ample amount of natural light.

Tips for Choosing Your Front Window Design

Look at Different Window Shapes and Designs
Choosing the right kind of front window design will add individuality to your space that truly resonates with your style. Therefore, consider and look through various shapes and designs before making your decision and pick one that you love.

Consider the Airflow
One of the most vital functions of windows is to regulate the airflow and induce cross-ventilation into your beautiful home. This makes the atmosphere fresh and light inside your house as opposed to stuffy and uncomfortable. While choosing a front window design, it is important you choose a variant that lets in the right amount of air to keep the environment cozy as well as comfortable.

Keep Aesthetics and Architecture in Mind
The architecture of the house is a big factor in choosing a window design as a renaissance-styled window will not work for a building with modern architecture. Similarly, the aesthetics of the interiors must also be considered while choosing an elaborate or minimalist-style window frame. This will bring all the different elements of the interior and exterior of the house together and create visual harmony.

Don’t Forget about Safety
It is easy to get carried away and only look at the aesthetic appeal of a front window design, but the truth is that one must always consider a secure and safe option for a front window as you don’t want any unwanted intruders and burglars. Opt for a practical and secure window design with a strong and sturdy locking system to add extra security to your home.

Consult a Professional
AIS Windows is a leading door and window manufacturing company and is the one-stop destination for all your windows, doors, and glass needs. With a myriad of appealing window designs in substrates of uPVC, wood, and aluminium, and highly trained and experienced engineers, AIS Windows brings to life the vision you have for your dream home. Our designs can be customised to match your taste and elegant style while providing an excellent attention to detail. So get in touch and make your dream abode a reality today!

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