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07 Jan

Safety and Unloading of AIS Windows Glass : An industry benchmark

Posted 5:48 am, January 7, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: UPVC Windows ,Windows

About uPVC Doors and Windows

Windows are one of the most important aspects of any room. They not only increase the visual appeal of a space, but are also an essential structural component responsible for letting in natural light and air, or keeping out heat and dust. Windows are most effective when they are both aesthetically appealing and functional – a combo AIS Windows deals in. We at AIS Windows offer a wide range of window designs that can completely change the look of your space from bland to bright. Moreover, the advanced technology we use to manufacture our windows cover a multitude of functional needs – privacy, security, energy-efficiency, optimal daylight management, and acoustic insulation.

Moreover, we provide you with not only window solutions but 360-degree window solutions where our experts guide you right from the stage of window selection through to the process of installation and also take care of post-installation services. Moreover, our highly trained experts ensure that the entire process is carried out safely and efficiently.

There is a standard operating course for every step that is taken during the installation of your new windows. One of the most delicate procedures in the process is the unloading of the new glass from the vehicle before its installation. There are several safety procedures involved in the unloading of the glass. As a customer, having a clear idea of how safe unloading of windows glass is conducted by the experts of AIS Windows is imperative so that you can effectively supervise the technicians and also experience peace of mind knowing that your windows are in good hands.

Safety and Unloading Kits

The expert technicians of AIS Windows carry with them two separate kits for the procedure of window removal – the safety kit and the unloading kit. The safety kit consists of a helmet with AIS branding, safety shoes, a visible jacket of AIS branding, and gloves. The unloading kit contains a glass lifter or a vacuum lifter, rope, chain and pulley, and belt.

What To Expect – The Process

Firstly, you will be greeted by AIS Windows’ expert technicians who will then ask you to direct them to a safe and covered spot where unloading of the materials can take place. Once that is done, the technicians will take a picture of the truck’s back with the condition of the materials as they were at the site including a picture of the number plate. The materials will then be unloaded safely in the same position in which they are to be installed. After this, you as the client will be asked to sign a bill tee and will receive a copy of the same. Once pictures of the signed bill tee have been clicked for future reference, The AIS employee will then count and tally all the installation materials as per the PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) process and will report to the plant the full details of the verification process – whether a match was found or not. A picture of the final delivered materials will then be sent to the office. Following this, you the client will be given thorough details of the materials that have been delivered, their condition of delivery and storage. Once you’re conversant and satisfied with the products and their condition, our experts will greet you once again and convey the proposed date to start with the installation.

Precautions To Be Taken

The technicians first receive the factory-controlled fabricated items on the site. They then ensure that the vehicle is parked close to the entrance of the building to guarantee safe access to the customers and the unloading team at the site and to bring in the fabricated materials quickly and safely. Our experts will carry out the unloading process with great scrupulosity since the materials are a finished product. Moreover, the weights of the materials will also be taken into consideration to ensure that neither our experts suffer injuries nor our products get tarnished. The windows will be carried in a vertical position with sashes locked also ensuring that the frames are not racked out of square. In case of Double-Hung windows, our experts will take diligent care that none of the fitted bands are removed until after installation. Moreover, ay corner bracing that has been fitted will not be removed until after the process of installation. Finally, once unloaded carefully, our experts will take care that the windows are stored in a dry location and kept covered to keep them out of harm’s way. No material will be stored directly on the ground – pallets and timbers will be placed for material storage.

As our valued customer, it is best to be informed of our safety and unloading principles so that you can rest assured that you receive the best of the very best service. Moreover, being informed will also help you to spot and report any discrepancies. Once the materials have been unloaded on-site, please be careful to not go near them and ensure that they always remain covered, dry and not in direct contact with the ground.

There you have it, we have spilled all our safety and unloading secrets! To avail of our world-class services and international-quality products, make no delays in reaching out to us. Get an expert consultation today!

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