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Home Improvement Guide: Choosing Aluminium Glass Door for Your Home

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Choosing Aluminium Glass Door for Home

As vital connecting links in any space, doors are also a significant architectural focal point. Well-designed doors can make all the difference between a great space, a ‘not-so-great’ one, and even a bad space. They can make interiors aesthetically appealing, energy-efficient, private, secure, and acoustic insulated. Wondering how? Why with glass! Modern-day glass solutions have opened a world of possibilities. And when it comes to highly versatile framing options, aluminium is the rising star that is stealing the show.

Earlier used mainly in utensils, this material has reared its head in the world of fenestration, and within a short span, has won the hearts of homeowners and interior designers alike. All of the unfavourable intrinsic properties of the metal can be altered by advancements in technology. The resulting metal is ready to be used along with glass for your next home improvement project. Wondering how aluminium glass doors can really transform your residential space? Let’s find out.

Why Aluminium Glass Doors Stand in a Class of Their Own

Aluminium glass doors offer a horde of benefits, as discussed below.

Unparalleled Strength

Despite being light-weight, aluminium is a highly strong metal. It is known to have a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it incredibly hard to make a dent in, even when mechanical force is applied. Aluminium is also a low-density metal, which is why slim yet sturdy aluminium frames for doors can easily be made.


Due to its corrosion-resistant characteristic, aluminium does not rust. Along with this, aluminium is also resistant to peeling, swelling, warping, or cracking. This gives it a long life. Furthermore, aluminium is also endowed with excellent moisture-resistant properties. It stops water from seeping into the walls that surround the door and, hence, prevents the growth of mould. Aluminium is also weather-resistant and can easily withstand severe weather conditions. It can handle rain, wind, and harsh sunlight without getting discoloured.


Depending on the quality of your door, your electricity bills can fluctuate a lot; therefore, it is crucial to pick the right door for your home. When aluminium door frames are paired with heat-reflective or energy-efficient glass, it can make your living space more energy-efficient by trapping heat indoors during winters and reflective heat away during summers. This helps in maintaining an ideal temperature throughout the year, thereby lowering the need for artificial heating or cooling systems. This automatically results in reducing your energy bills. Furthermore, such aluminium glass doors will also protect your home’s interiors from the sun’s harsh UV rays – furniture, upholstery, etc.


Due to aluminium’s corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant properties, aluminium glass doors are low on maintenance. You don’t need to have your aluminium doors frequently painted or polished to keep them free of rust or rot. For aluminium frames, all that is needed is a wipe with a clean, soft cloth dipped in some window cleaning solution, followed by a dry wipe. Similarly, for the glass surface, all that is required is to give it a wipe with a microfibre cloth dipped in some soapy water or mild window washing solution, followed by a dry wipe and your aluminium glass doors will be back to their pristine condition.

Aesthetical Appeal

Many homeowners believe that aluminium lacks style and can only come in colours of silver or white, but this is far from the truth. Modern innovation in fenestration has made it possible for aluminium to fit into any décor style – aluminium frames can be powder-coated to be available in a variety of colours. You can get aluminium glass doors in a variety of shapes and sizes to transform the look of your space. Aluminium’s slim yet robust structure, strength, and flexibility make it possible to manufacture slim frame variants for unique designs. If your home lacks space, you can opt for pocket aluminium sliding glass doors, or you can go for grand floor-to-ceiling aluminium glass doors that offer you a panoramic view of the glorious outdoors.

Moreover, aluminium frames are also available in a wide variety of finishing; you can choose a glossy or a matte-finish aluminium frame depending on your taste. The sleekness of aluminium, coupled with the variety of colour and customisation options available makes it an ideal choice for your next home improvement project.

When looking to install premium-quality aluminium glass doors in your living space, head straight to AIS Windows! At AIS Windows, we use high-grade aluminium to manufacture your door frames. Along with that, we can also customise the aluminium frames to suit your preferences. Our aluminium doors are durable, low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly. We also offer our fenestration solutions in two other substrates – timer and uPVC.

Get in touch with us and avail of our 360-degree solutions today!

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