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07 Sep

Common House Window Challenges that Everyone Faces

Posted 11:38 am, September 7, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: House Windows

Are the windows in your house trying to tell you something? Windows allow ample natural light, beautiful aesthetics, and a panoramic outdoor view. Usually, windows can last a long time, but just like everything else, they don’t last forever and need regular maintenance.

What you may be surprised to know is that house window troubles are much more common than you may think. And when they experience issues, they could not only be potentially costing you money but can also compromise your home’s energy-efficiency, safety, artistic flair, and comfort.

Often, homeowners rarely notice any issues until windows start showing obvious signs of dilapidation like leaking water, rotting wood, insect problems, and more. Here are some of the most common house window problems that may be making your home less comfortable than it should be.

Excess Moisture on Windows

Have you observed that the windows in your home are continually fogging up? Does it seem like they are collecting extra moisture, which is staying trapped there? That’s condensation. It usually indicates that the seals between your window glass panes are faulty. In areas with extremely cold weather, ice might form between the glass panes, thereby forcing your home’s heating system to work even more challenging.

Foggy windows are most often found in older windows or sliding windows where the seal present on the window spacer has weakened and allowed moisture to leak in. Sadly, it is very hard to repair a broken window seal, and sash or full window replacement is probably your best bet.

Drafty Windows

The last thing you want in your home is a case of drafty windows. Windows are supposed to keep your home well-insulated throughout the year, so if you observe a draft coming from one of your windows, it’s a clear sign that your windows need help. In such a case, either the entire window frame or the weather-stripping around your windows needs to be checked or replaced.

You should examine the window sash to see if a weather-stripping strip made of rubber, plastic, a blend of both, or silicone is peeling or maybe has portions missing. If yes, it will need replacement. However, at this point, many homeowners opt for more energy-efficient house windows.

Rotting Wood

If you have wooden frame house windows, then you may have experienced cracks, warping, or rotting in them at some point. Extreme temperature fluctuations, something which is most common these days, can cause windows that are either improperly-fitted or those with wooden frames to become rancid. This produces draft around the window frame, enabling moisture to seep through the spaces around the window onto the walls. This trapped moisture can make your entire window frame rot, and moulds can grow easily in your room.

Rotten wooden frames can be hard to notice, so if you observe the wood in your house window frame looking wrinkled, wet, or wavy, it can be an indicator of corruption. Wooden window frames should not be soft, frail, or flaky.

Faulty Windows

Are you facing trouble opening or closing your house windows? If your windows won’t open easily or stay open smoothly, there might be an issue with window hardware, which can be dealt with a replacement. The issue could be with the sash, frame, or spring, which has warped over time and needs maintenance.

If your house windows are not closing, it can heavily compromise your home’s comfort and security. There could be many reasons for a window to either remain stuck open or not open at all. Some of these include dirty tracks, defective springs, broken pulleys, lack of lubrication, faulty sash, loose fasteners, excessive humidity, and off-centre installation.

For single and double-hung windows that open up and down, you should inspect the sash support system first. Their sash systems are usually located on the sides of the window and may be hard to locate. For homeowners with casement or awning windows that crank open sideways with a handle, an issue may be found with the window operator, in which case, a replacement is the only viable option. 

Window Sash Deterioration

Although modern house windows are known to be very durable, sash deformation can still happen. If you have single-paned windows, really old window sash, or live in areas with high humidity, your window sash can weaken. Rainwater can affect the sash with rotting frame material, mould growth, broken seals, and bent frame bottoms.

When you’re facing a house window problem, you would want a quick, professional, and effective solution so you can get back to enjoying the comfort and safety of your appropriately-functioning windows throughout your home. You should opt for full window replacements that ensure thermal-insulation, enhanced security, sound-padding, energy-efficiency, and an enhanced visual appeal.

If you are dealing with house window challenges and looking to get your windows replaced, AIS Windows will give you well-rounded, customised, and first-rate fenestration solutions. Our services cover every likely house window option, style, design, functionality, and size you are thinking of. Blending the best of innovative glass solutions and premium-quality frame variants, our house window services offer attractive aesthetics and advanced functionalities. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to get expert consultation from our experts!

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