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6 Trending Window Ideas for Home Remodelling

Posted 11:31 am, August 17, 2020 by AIS Windows / Category: House Windows

Trending Window Ideas for Home Remodelling

A huge part of your home’s personality derives from the style and design of windows used. So when you’re thinking of remodelling your home, upgrading your windows to a modern and contemporary look should only feature right on top of the list. Apart from enhancing the style of your spaces, the right window ideas actually help increase the curb appeal of your home.

While your older windows may still be in good shape and functional, it doesn’t mean you can’t play with patterns, frames, and designs to uplift the visual appeal of your house. With the right window ideas, you can make your home more spacious, attractive, and trendy.

Give your house a makeover with these six window ideas for remodelling. 

Side and top hung windows

These windows are one of the most commonly installed designs due to their suitability for most home styles. Apart from adding a sleek appeal to a room, they can also hold air conditioner units safely. With advancements in design, double-hung windows are now balanced by springs, thereby being easy to open and shut. The classic rambler, mansions, farmhouse, and bungalow styles homes make good use of double-hung windows. Both single-hung and double-hung windows find heavy use in both traditionally-designed homes and those featuring a more contemporary aura. 

Casement windows

Single sash, and hinged on the side, casement windows come in unlimited design variations. They are immensely popular in residential spaces, working the best for locations where you cannot easily push a window sash up. Some common areas casement windows find use in include roofs, kitchen sinks, and countertops. You don’t have to worry about pushing the window open and closing it as hand cranks are installed on the base of the window, making them extremely simple to open and shut. Casement windows are also known to be highly energy-efficient; when closed, they have an airtight seal preventing unwanted airflow in the house.

 Glass-to-glass windows

Known to be one of the most appealing window designs, glass corner windows feature glass panes meeting at a 90-degree angle. Other than providing a charming and wide range view, glass-to-glass windows also allow more light to enter your house. These windows are weather-resistant as the window setup is not susceptible to rust. They are joined without the use of any mullions and the arrangement enhances the overall aesthetic value of the room. With increased demand, you can now choose from a variety of designs and colour options for different areas in your home. 

Tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windows are popular in residential and workspaces for decades now, and the increasing popularity can be associated with the possibility of varied types of ventilation. While remodelling your home, tilt and turn windows can be a good pick as tilt allows top ventilation, easily enabling hot air to escape through the top of the window and the turn function creates increased airflow and movement for maximum ventilation. This duality in operation will enable you to control the heating and cooling systems around you. Whether you opt for aluminium or wood-framed windows, your options are always limitless. 

French windows

French windows have become the most sought after window replacements for homeowners when it comes to house remodelling. Not only this large door-like window structured adds an elegant appeal to but they also allow light and air into your houses. With window frame materials ranging from wood to aluminium, French windows play a key role in making a small interior feel spacious and well lit. 


To confer a customised and modern look to your front window, transoms are the perfect fit. A transom is a fixed or a moving window placed above the main window or door. Providing extra light, ventilation, and a wide range of choices to transform your front exteriors, transoms come in varied shapes and sizes.  They can be cut and fit to sizes and shapes according to your choice, and they can be effectively paired with tainted glass panes, clear glass, grids, and shutters. You can colour the structures according to your taste and in ways that compliment your interior and exterior looks both. 

Over to you

With advancements in architectural design, windows now offer plenty of creative designing options that remain energy-efficient and functional.

At AIS Windows, we offer a distinct range of appealing window designs that can completely change the look of the space. We not only aim to provide window with complete insulation from dust, rain, pollution and noise but the structures can also be customised based on trends and customer preferences.

Get in touch with us today for an expert consultation on the window designs that’ll work the best for your space.

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